Digitakt Manufacturing Defect - Anyone else get this?

Oh wow! That doesn’t sound too good. Be very careful messing with the encoders. They’re strong when used normally. But when pulling the knobs off or when pushed sideways like in a bag they can bend/break.

They’re normally attached to the metal base with just some plastic. It can easily break. I’ve seen people rip off the plastic tops trying to remove the encoders with a little too much force.

There’s some horror stories to be found on the old forums.

The circular movement seems fine (slightly 15% more stiff at some points) I guess I can live with that
the click part too now I have to click a little more hard to make it click… I’ll consider this a wake up call.

If you bought it and paid with creditcard you might have insurance for this. Even if its your own fault. Some banks offer the same but that really depends on where you are.

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Digitakt is made in Sweden, but sometimes it can be disturbing…

First batch souvenir…


In another forum, one member wrapped his Digitakt in a blanket and tossed in a backpack and traversed his way to a gig by foot and train. When he got to the gig, master pot knob broke completely off.

If using backpacks, its best to put the gear in a hard shell covering like Decksavers or just get a hardcase, they are just as cheap as backpacks nowadays.

Eek! Yesterday I also read someone had bent the encoders. This is why I bought a little flight case for it. It was only 35 euro.

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I have finger prints or smudges under my screen as well. Was replacing the film with a good screen protector and it became obvious. With the factory film on it you couldn’t see it… ugh

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I like the idea of a seance batch :wink: Bit harsh to think of DT as dead already tho :wink:

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At least my misfortune is your entertainment.

I was just joking man, no need to delete your post!? was obviously just a typo/predictive text :slight_smile:

Edit - obvs I feel bad for anyone with hardware issues on their DT. Hope y’all get things fixed up with minimal stress.

I have some issues with a few trig keys. Support sent me the screwdriver removal method. I thought “that will leave a mark”…

PRO TIP: a 0.5mm guitar pick works perfectly and avoids damaging the keys or faceplate. Insert the pick a bit and pop out the key.

Reseating a slow trig 2-3 times fixed the issue for me.


I highly doubt @Callofthevoid meant any bad vibes, some of us joke around just to lighten the mood that’s all, I love when typos sound like something else and also sometimes quote them for laughs, no entertainment by your misfortune, just some chuckles in between gear talk…

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Totally! Was just goofing around. Dumb joke :slight_smile: @Joshua’s unintended imagery of everyone at HQ sat in a circle conjouring up the next batch just amused me a little. Wasn’t trying to rub any salt in wounds etc :flushed:

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Can you post the instructions? I have a stuck button as well as the smudge under my screen.

Ever looked closely at that pic and noticed 7 people but 12 sets of hands? Crazy.

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yeah, i noticed today that the DT’s oled screen has a big smudge on it. it’d be nice to open it up and clean that up.

I just ordered a Digitakt from B&H here in the United States. I love the instrument but the power button is a little sensitive. Particularly, if I just move it a little while it’s on to the off position (without flicking the power button completely), the unit turns off. So there are cases where the unit is off when the power button is switched on. It’s not a huge deal, but I am wondering if this is a hardware issue or software issue. Has anyone else experienced this?

My power switch is a bit touchy, but not this bad. It will switch the power to Off if I move the switch a tiny bit, but never if I don’t actually physically move the switch with my hand.

Ok - yes that is the same thing that is happening with me. It stays on no problem

Just unpacked my new DT, noticed a deep scratch between the PTN and BANK buttons.