Digitakt carry bag or case

Lid and spare power supply arrived from Elektron.se headquarters today:


Agree. People steal gear like crazy at the shitty bars I play. Same reason I don’t use Moog labeled cases.

This looks like a good one… Thanks for the link.

When you get it set up could you post a pic and a link?

I’ve been using Storm cases for all my gear for years now. The army greens get’s some odd looks at customs but apart from that they are unbreakable and very versatile (also not as expensive as some other well-know brands)


It fits perfectly if you ask me. The foam quality could be better but doesn’t really bother me.



For those of you that just want a simple carrying case I just got this & the Digitakt fits perfectly…

I’m gunna have my hard cover in soon, so that on top + a sheet of foam underneath and I think it will be pretty safe in there. There’s just enough room for the power brick and cable too. The bag also has a little mesh zip pocket inside.

I’m quite happy with it for my needs.


I like it! Great find.

Awesome suggestion.

Am actually having trouble deciding between this or having a dedicated hard case. A hard case obviously provides more protection for storage and traveling, but it also means having to handle more when using more than just the DT. At least with the lunchbox you can store it in a larger bag or box.

I’m going to do some thrift store shopping soon to try to find a hard case… wish me luck.

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I use the lid and a regular dslr camera bag.

Its perfect, though I’d try itnout before buying.

I just bought a used regular Elektron bag. Figured I can use the other space for a little synth, spare pair of pants or something.


What kind of places do you gig at? :smile:


My order for the lid shipped pretty quickly :slight_smile: was quite surprised.
Thanks, Elektron!
Fits nicely too with the tiniest amount of wiggle room.

This might be a good choice for a gig bag…


After I put the lid on, I pop the Digitakt into this:

I can also fit in: My laptop, Launchpad Pro, Launchpad Mini, Faderfox UC44, audio interface, cables and power supplies for all of the above. And even with all that, it still wears comfortably (if heavy) on my back. Best feature is that it stands up right on it’s own, even when empty - so loading/unloading is super easy and quick.


Would you mind posting a picture of it with the digitakt in it??

Wait I’m not supposed to be pouring bubble tea in my digitakt? :sweat:

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Thomann Producer bag makes it possible to load 2 Elektron machines, or DT + AH + OP1 + Volca + H4n. And PCU + a fistful of cables…

I always bring one with me when I’m away from home :smile:


I went with three’s suggestion (thanks, three!)

Just like he said, it’s a good fit with just enough room for the power brick and cable. Happened to have a small slice of foam to put underneath the DT but you’re probably better off using bubble wrap.

There isn’t too much of a protrusion when the bag is shut

Also comes in camo and hot pink… wish they had black though :stuck_out_tongue:


got my carhartt bag today… looks like digitakt is for lunch