Digitakt Manufacturing Defect - Anyone else get this?

bummer! send it back

“Do you want a refund?”


I have problem as well… Not a huge problem right now – but it is definitely a concern and I’m not sure if I need to care about…

Dude that would mess with my ocd.

Got mine today and have exactly the same smudges underneath the screen. It’s super annoying. Did you receive another unit or any instructions on how to clean it?

Quite a few banned users in this thread…
Just caught my eye is all

I have made these cardboard boxes reinforced with a lot of duct tape for gigging and touring. They are already 5 years old and my machines have remained in mint condition thanks to them. They also provide a nice table riser when the DJ table is too low (I am 1.80 can’t stand playing 3 hours back-bent). I recommend this if you value your money and your gear. It’s a shame Elektron doesn’t provide something similar.

I think they sent me a new one from memory