Digitakt Manufacturing Defect - Anyone else get this?

Completed the button cap replacement procedure today, overall extremely easy.

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yep. i’m with you on this one. There is no way I’d want a change.

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Received my DT today
There is a ‘blemish’ built - in to the lcd panel - it looks like a smear but it is definitely not on the surface - it is actually built into the panel under the glass and must have occurred during the build process like an abrasion. There is also a long scratch across the screen but once again not on the surface of the glass covering but underneath it. This could not have been caused by mishandling in shipping

Very disappointed given the cost of the machine - my 4 other elektron boxes were flawless
see photos:

Did you try to peel the plastic film off.

Oh man that sux.
Looks like Elektron HQ had KFC that day, and after didn’t use the included moist towelettes. Moist towelettes compulsory after KFC consumption :poultry_leg:


yes of course - this is with the film removed - just to be clear. I own 4 other elektron as well and I think they have all shipped with film originally over the panel.

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Looks like a returner.


When I press the Yellow Function button, even just SLIGHTLY off-center, it gets a bit stuck in for a moment and makes a sort of springing sound. Am I the only one who is having this issue?

When I press it directly at its center, it’s fine. But if I’m slightly off-center, it sticks. It’s really annoying, I shouldn’t have to be cognizant of how I’m pressing a button, every time.

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contact support imo…
this is not the screen itself, but the underside of the plastic cover (it’s not glass).
imo, should be possible to fix without sending it in if they send you a pristine replacement cover… the cover is glued to the steel case, but should come off easily using a knife or something as a lever.
but yea, support should be able to advise.

This is nothing, when I got my Machinedrum there was a discarded cat inside, I mean, who loses a whole cat?
A bit of fur, a claw or even a severed paw I could understand but the whole damn moggy! Shame on you Elektron!


seems like there are a few too many of these issues IMHO :zonked:

It’s suspect. I bet there’s a story involving lots of booze, a stripper and a night in vegas at a bachelor party.

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That’s what you get when the factory is next to a liquor store… :sleeping:

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Thanks Void. I don’t think it is reasonable to expect end users to butcher their machines risking invalidating their warranties in situations like this- a better solution would be to send the customer a replacement, and for the manufacturer to return/fix the defective unit at HQ.


…ugh. Wrong topic…

The Swedish Control Quality ! :thup:

After it’s hard to find the buttons, and place them at the right place…:sketchy:



I just got my power supply (was missing when I purchased a new unit) and to be honest I like this T-shirt :smiley:

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Guys, I moved the digitakt with me today backpack was kinda full with a lot of other gear
Don’t know why I got the impression the digitakt is kinda sturdy so I kinda handled the backpack not with extra care with putting on the car…

So now when I unpack the master volume know was a little out so I kinda freaked out
but then I noticed that now encoder B its slightly a little more stiff than the others not all times during the turn but when marking from 3 to 6 o clockwise also it doesn’t when depressed (click) it doesn’t come back as fast as the other encoders.

Anyway body with a similar situation?

the master volume encoder its working fine its just the encoder B that worries me a little.
it works but doesn’t feel as smooth as the other ones. It kinda gets stiff a certain at certain points of the circular excursion.

btw I don’t feel this was a manufacturing defected I think it was me that f*cked up.
but anyway didn’t knew where else to comment

This is why the (rather expensive :confused:) plastic lids from Elektron are good, protects the knobs!
Maybe turn encoder B and bunch and see if it loosens up. Check that it can dial in values as the others do…
Maybe it was already like that? There’s usually some test procedures for Elektron gear on the early start up menu, but I don’t know about them for DT… If concerned contact support and they can help you determine if everything is OK…