Digitakt "Kit" Structure. How is it different?

Exactly. If it doesn’t exist as an independent thing, why even bother naming it? The sounds/levels only exist as part of a pattern so calling them a kit is just confusing the issue for owners of every other Elektron box where kits exist as unique in their own right.

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It needs a name because you can do stuff on a Kit level. And that functionality makes sense, don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

The pattern menu:

Clears the active pattern’s kit. All sequencer data will remain unchanged.

Saves the active pattern’s kit to the +Drive. (Excluding the sequencer data.)

Reloads the active pattern’s kit from the +Drive. (Keeps your sequence data.

And there’s probably more functionality on the kit level coming. Copy/Paste Kit and Import/Export Kit are my best guesses.

Being pissed that a Kit is locked into a pattern is another story, I get that some like the other way where kits are on a project level and you link one or many patterns to a single kit.


I know we all know this, but just for clarity:
The DT has kits. Each pattern contains one kit, it is specific to that pattern and can not be changed. The kit is used to separate the 8 track sounds and levels from the sequencer data for independent saving and reloading purposes within the pattern…

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call them Schmeckels or Werks or whatever you want but they are there and they’re kits.


TLDR the whole thread, but there is a workaround to copying just the kit between patterns. Long-winded, but possible…

  1. save whole project
  2. copy the pattern that contains kit you want to add to other patterns
  3. paste the copied pattern over the pattern/s that you wish to give this kit to
  4. use the pattern menu to reload ‘sequence data only’ on those patterns

voila! they now have the same kit. for my purposes, this works quite well. hoping that elektron add a simpler method to copy kit only, though :wink:



I’m currently considering buying a Digitone for both the synth side and finally getting my hands on a MIDI Elektron sequencer and I came across the issues of kits as well through my research on the Digi-machines, as I’m used to the A4/AR structure.

With @bauer’s work-around :arrow_up:︎:

  • Does editing the synth parameter on one pattern carry to the next one? ie. If I do that setup with A1 and A2 patterns, then tweak the filter’s cutoff while A1 is playing and then switch to A2, will the cutoff jump back to its original position or will it keep my change? (Thinking both during sound-design phase and live tweaking)
  • Same question with MIDI CC – will the changes i may have done on A1 carry on when switching to A2?

Basically, I’m trying to figure out if this is really linking the kit between the two patterns or if this is just a quick way to copy the sounds between them?

The changes you make to a pattern will only pertain to that pattern. It will be changed in A1 but will not be changed in A2. Makes it a bit difficult to create multiple patterns for longer variations or chord progressions since if you change the cutoff as you say, it will jump to a a different value when you switch. So, difficult to jam seamless with patterns.


Ok, thanks for confirming what I was fearing. What a weird design choice, especially on the Digitone which is definitely targeted at making melodic content. The devil really is in the details in the choices between simplicity and crippling some obvious use cases.

Anyway, don’t want to start another elektron-users-flame-war over here :wink: – at least I know what to expect.

Fortunately, with the Digitone, copying a track’s parameters from one pattern to another is not difficult.
And while there is no overall kit copy on DN or DT, at least with DT, there are only 4 tracks to copy and paste, within a kit.
It’s far more cumbersome on Digitakt, thanks twice the track count.

I prefer the Kit copy/browser scheme of the larger Elektrons, but on Digitone it’s absence does not bother me as much as I thought it would.

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i’ll just say that i have to put my jedi hat on when working with saving “kits” on the digitakt. i typically don’t change my kits up much across patterns due to the sudden change in parameter settings.

i’m not gonna lie, i would like the digitakt a lot more if it had a similar kit system to its bigger siblings. a song mode would also make me happy, but :pensive:

i don’t think the overall sceme of either the digitakt/tone will change much…tho, i am expecting a more rebust mixer/more effects in the future :slight_smile:

If i could change only one thing about the DT it would be the kit structure. I have no hopes for Elektron to change it but the DT would double its value for me. Especially for playing livesets.

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I’ve been confused about this as I don’t have a DT but have studied the manual…
Some people have said they’ve used the +drive sound to carry changes… I know you said sound pool so maybe that’s different…

The manual says this:

Can you load a sound from the sound pool on a few patterns and when you modify it on one pattern it changes on the others? Or do you have to save the changes to the sound pool sound first?

It doesn’t matter from where you load a sound from into a pattern. It always make a copy of it and this copy is stored within the pattern.

The only benefit of sounds in the sound pool is that you can also use these for sounds locks.

That’s what I thought, but others have suggested different multiple times in previous threads…
There is no way to change a sound and have it be changed in another pattern with out some sort of copy/paste or save/reload, right?

Right. At least a “save to …” and “load from …” (or copy&paste) is required to get a modified sound from one pattern to another.

That they left out a dedicated kit structure which can be shared is one of the reasons why the Digitakt is not attractive to me (Mono samples is the other one).

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So my conclusion from reading these replies: No known work around on avoiding “jumps” between parameters change on the same sounds or midi cc between patterns?


I bought a Digitakt to handle my drum things, as I had only an A4 and nothing else, and wanted to perform a live show… What’s written on it is that it’s a “Drum computer and sampler” so it was marketed as being able to handle all the drum things. But it also has a lower price tag than all the other bigger machines, so it appeared natural to miss some functionality.

I’m running the digitakt chained to the A4, so whenever I change a pattern on A4 the one on the Digitakt changes as well, what bugs me is that I usually leave the mixing part to the end, after I finish the track, I go thru my A4 and Digitakt kits and mix all the sounds. And it will be tedious to do that on Digitakt, my workaround is that I keep the drum pattern the same all across the song, I just mute-unmute, FILL, and use trig-probability to keep things interesting. But I don’t dare tweak the pattern to each A4 pattern cos that will make my life a living hell.

I’m sometimes afraid that Elektron is not adding functionality just to be inline with the price-tag, I really hope that is not the case.

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I really don’t understand why y’all want your sounds to stay the same. The pattern and sound independence is one of the coolest things about the Digis! Plus the sound pool is a huge kit. I would be totally bummed if Elektron changed this. I don’t want to be forced to save all the kits individually. That would get messy, and I would probably run out.


A lot of us improv through a succession of patterns, we tweak the drums, change patterns but not kit, tweak more, change patterns but not kit. It allows the changes to go through…

On AR you have 128 patterns and 128 kits, so if you want you can have it work like DT but you don’t have to. There is also an option to reload kit on each pattern change, and a function to reload all kits…

The only difference is the first time you set up a new pattern, you perform load kit and select a blank one. After this it stays forever associated with the pattern, unless you reassign one of the 128 kits which is nice to do for variation if you want… You do have to save kit if you make changes you want to keep after power cycle, but it’s just yes+kit to save, no+kit to reload…