Digitakt "Kit" Structure. How is it different?


thats what i figured, after reading 70+ posts and being “wtf ?!” :wink:


Recieved my Digitakt yesterday - used it for 3 hours and have to say the File Structure is pretty logical.

loving it so far - super satisfying to use !

can see it beeing a gateway drug for many…myself included -.-


Yes, it has the same File Structure as Rytm, for sounds and samples.


Which is ridiculous, and part of the reason I sold my A4. The digital setup is SOOOO much more functional.


DT structure seems to basically just save you the step of loading a new kit to a pattern on a new pattern, but removes the option for it being the same or an existing kit…
I doubt in a live situation one would want to jump to a blank pattern with a default kit, but jumping to a new pattern with a kit you just tweaked has some appeal.
If your not playing live, then the extra step of loading a different kit doesn’t seem like too much, and you can do some work beforehand and have a template project set up if you want, then it works just like DT from then on by loading that template instead of create new project…
Still the major thing is you can’t tweak kits and go through a progression of patterns with the tweaks intact…
Also with AR, on a pattern you can change kits, 128 options of completely different sounds for one pattern…


For you, and others.

Dysfunctional for others, as well.



A4, MM, AR… all have 128 kits max per project/snapshot.
On those Elektrons 1 kit per pattern (like DT) is always an ‘option’, for those who prefer it.


so let me get this straight…
I have a dedicated Save Kit function, but I cannot load the kit into another project / pattern…?
Do I miss something, like a dedicated load function? What will this be? 2.0?


One size rarely fits all.


correct, as Kits are contained in patterns, there is no kit browser, kit load, kit paste, etc.


but :slight_smile:
I can save sounds and they do contain the sample and its settings…
and I cannot bundle them to a kit…
Seems as if there is room for improvement…#
Considering 8 free places in my project I should be able to load a “soundbundle” = kit…


You could create a “kit” in the +drive and select all and load for a different pattern. I find that the way it is implemented is fine for me because I can copy and past entire sequences with sounds and all and then paste into a new PTN. Inside the pattern, lets just say pattern 2 - you can for example change the snare to a totally new one (you can do that with parameter locks though per step so its the same thing only different) I work with the same sounds and patterns and just modify them per part of my song. So the copy and paste functionality I find is quick, easy and I dont have to menu dive for what I want which is usually the exact same sounds.

I say horses for courses! With the functionality of the box you can do the same thing in a few different ways. I understand though how wrapping your head around a new concept can be frustrating though.I’m getting used to it.


Just seems crazy to me there’s no simple way to copy all the sounds from one pattern to another without copying the whole pattern and overwriting the note data.

It’s entirely likely when playing live I’d want multiple patterns for different sections of a track, so I might develop the base pattern then copy it out to multiple pattern slots. What if I subsequently decide I need to change up just the sounds on a couple of tracks for example? On the A4/RYTM that’s easy, tweak the kit and it’s there for all the patterns that use it, but on the Digitakt it’s a whole set of manual adjustments to each version of the pattern?

What a pain in the arse!


the good thing about copying the pattern is that you can do that across projects…
BUT then the samples aren’t moved…
I use the copy pattern mechanism to transport “kits” to new patterns… But then it is tedious because all the p locks are copied as well and sometimes this is fine, sometimes this means extra work to clear every track…

To me the copy kit by copying patterns is solved sort of meh… not really elegant.
All of this is more of a workaround…


Ah I see both your points. Yes in those situations its not ideal and a right PITA I can see now. I think they wanted to solve one problem (sounds within tracks) as a simple and elegant solution, and when I understood how to do it, I could do it quickly and it is elegant and simple in that capacity. But not everyone uses it in the same way and in those situations. Yeah… maybe they will solve with a software update, or maybe OverBridge will offer a better solution. It wont fix every scenario though unfortunately.


i’m finally getting around to tinkering with the digitakt, and yes, the TRK+COPY/CLEAR/PASTE function works well to move sounds around with ease/speed…the only thing i’m concerned about is sometimes when you’re working on a “kit” you adjust sounds without really keeping track of what sounds you’ve edited because all you have to do is save you kit and all your changes are saved…but now, if you’ve tweaked a sound and forgotten that you’ve tweaked it, you’ll need to do a copy of every track sound using the shortcut above to ensure that your sounds are uniform across patterns.

a bit annoying, and yes, i’d still love a copy all sounds shortcut to make this process a bit easier to handle.


The problem I’m seeing here is Elektron choosing to use the word “Kit” whatsoever. If a “Kit” can only exist within a Pattern, and cannot exist as an independently accessible abstraction above and across two or more patterns, then the use of the word “Kit” is functionally incoherent at this time (OS 1.03).


Incoherent? But functions like clear, save and load in the pattern menu benefits a lot from the separation between kit and sequence data. And the name “kit” is a good one to define the 8 sounds on a drum machine no?


The issue with the current implementation is that Kits do not exist as Savable/Exportable entities.

In a more proper implementation of Kits, a “Kit” is an independent entity. Just as a “Sound” is a savable/loadable entity which contains a source sample and parameter values, the Kit is a saveable/loadable entity that contains any set of track parameters and imported sounds. Save Kit creates a unique “Kit” containing all track parameters, imported sounds, and any edits made to these.

Loading a saved kit into a number of patterns, say A01,A02,A03,A04, makes these patterns all reference the same Kit, any saved changes made to your kit (regardless of which pattern you’re in) will be heard across all four patterns.


Ok yeah I know that, but you where saying kits where not coherent on the DT, and I’m saying they are.

Has nothing to do with kits being independent from the pattern or not.

My view is that the DT would benefit from having a “copy/paste kit” to ease the times you want to apply the same kit onto multiple patterns. Not going back to the pattern/kit reference linking ways of the AR/A4.