Digitakt 1.04 : Bug reports


Hoping that after such a long wait we will get 1.10 as next update along with Overbridge :slightly_smiling_face:


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I sure hope so, my DT froze up just last night sequencing a Volca. Also had a few instances of stuck notes when flipping around to the Chromatic Keys. Nothing complex going on either, just sending some note data.


Same, had a random freeze today, playing in chromatic then pressing stop, turned it back on and it had changed my samples around :see_no_evil:.


Copying MIDI tracks does not copy the CC or other parameters. I reported this to Elektron, and apparently it’s a feature that wasn’t implemented. They are aware of it and are looking to fix. I asked for a timeline, and the response was not great:

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Initial amp Level on 107?
Something i haven´t recognized on regular updating to 1.04 :thinking:
or known?


is yours not? Or are you questioning why?

I think it’s by design if the latter- that way you can still bump up volume if just one thing falls hidden in the mixture of voices


it is, but it‘s a strange value …
if 107 is unity ok, otherwise i prefer real initial values :wink:

it´s not 107, it´s 110, but still no value i´m happy with …


This one has been caught :slight_smile:


I’d like to report a potential serious bug - but I’d also like to know if it’s just my unit of if anyone else has seen this. Apparently, samples transferred to DT via the Transfer application (on Mac OS), when played back are 180 degrees OUT OF PHASE. See the attached photo. The top waveform is a 606 Snare sample I have on my mac, imported into PT. The bottom waveform is that exact sample, imported into the DT via Transfer, and played back through the DT, with zero processing, all settings on the track at default. As you can see, they are completely out of phase with one another. Is this a bug? User error? Can anyone else see if this happens to them on 1.04?


flipped audio output?


Didn’t they say they were going to fix the phase inversion? I think it has been noted, anyway.


Yeah I can’t find anything about it now! But I thought it had been acknowledged.


Been having a strange problem where a sample in a pattern has aquired a bad noise part way through its cycle, its happened a few times and seemingly without making any changes. If I remove the sample and reload it from the +drive it is clean again, also still getting duplicates when loading samples too.


Cubasis clock out to Digitakt via USB is freezing my Digitakt every time.


I have had frequent freezes. Some times machine wakes up by it self and sometimes I have to boot it. I think these freezes occur when I’m playing keystep sequences (possibly with chord memory) into the DT midi channel. Must be something to do with the midi data. Maybe to much of it.

Midichain is tr-8(clock) -> Keystep -> Digitakt…


I’m having it too, this noise in sample dissapearing soon as i reload it…and sent a ticket about. They haven’t heard of it till me and answered that it could be a hardware issue. Now i know that i’m not alone, will report them tomorrow. Do it on your side too please


Clearing whole pattern doesn’t affect your scale settings (global and per track).
Clearing sequence data neither.
I think no one wants to start a new pattern from blank with an odd scale setting of your olds