Digitakt 1.04 : Bug reports


posting it on here is the only way the community hear about fixes , which is a shame.
just some sort of acknowledgement would be great , personally if i had sent in an issue and got a response i’d post it too.

after the initial flurry of updates when i got my machine , i’ve been a little disappointed that there hasn’t been more updates. when overbridge becomes a paid app (even thought the actual DT is a massively expensive hardware purchase) , i hope theyve improved their QA processes , its not good enough to send out to a few users and wait for them to report bugs , though hopefully , with elektron being in business for a long time , theyve developed their processes and qa side of things.

so in general , bugs before bags please…

in other news, i guess toraiz users arent too happy either , based on the reports of that petition to fulfil their roadmap on the firmware updates… I’m not sure which is best , get no info on proposed features and dates , or get them and still get flack from the customers.


Can someone check something for me, I’m not sure if it’s a bug.

On the amp page, set HOLD to minimum so that it shows the note symbol (the trig should only sound while the button is pressed).

In live record mode, record yourself holding and releasing the trigs at different lengths.

According to the manual, Live record mode is supposed to override the note value selected on the trig parameter page, but I’m finding that it doesn’t play at the lengths I used in live record mode, but instead defaults to the note value selected on the parameter page.

Is this a bug or do I have a setting wrong somewhere?


[NO] + [TRIG] key during LIVE RECORDING clears the trigs from a sequencer track, but also records a single TRIG push that will not cleared. i.e. one TRIG will always remain if track is cleared this way (the push that you use to enter to start the clearing) .


Tracks cant play longer scale than what is the pattern scale even if they are longer. If patters length is 1bar and track is 2bars, then only 1 bar of the track is played back. Dont know if is this a bug or just logic how the unit operates. Dilemma can be also easily overcome in some cases by changing the pattern length to 4bars to begin with while reducing all track lengths to 1bar and extending them when needed.


Preview of sampled audio not working in initial trimming stage. = [FUNCC] + [YES] in sampling not working.


Not sure if it can be considered a bug, but I sorted this out. You have to set note value to infinite before doing any live recording for the sequencer to use your note length instead of the length in the trig parameter page. Now that I understand how this works, it will help my workflow significantly!


same here!
You also run 1.04B ??
There was no issue like this on 1.04 i think …


Yes 1.04b. I have not tested the previous version.


Well the pattern length is the overall length of the pattern. So it will “restart” after say 16 steps, even though a track has 32 steps. Change the pattern length accordingly. It will loop tracks with less than 32 beats and will play all 32 steps of that one track. It’s how it’s supposed to work :slight_smile:


Make sure you have an audio track selected when previewing the sample. If a midi track is selected, preview won’t work.


Coolio. Thanks!


Perhaps related glitch today:

I have a pattern. with a few trigs on it. The sample is a very long sample, and the track setting has the start very far into the sample (to just play the end of it), and the trig length very short, to just get the clipped start of a word.

Now, I can plock trig 1 to have a longer length and random condition, (getting the whole word occasionally). So far so good.

But if I plock trig 1’s sample start to something earlier in the sample… The first time it plays, the whole sound engine goes silent! The sequencer is playing, and I can see in the sample page that the samples are playing and doing the right thing… But total silence from the Digitakt.

Changing patterns, stop, start, playing trigs. Nothing. Power cycle brings it back.


I don’t have time to read this whole thread so I’m not sure if this has been reported.

If you press the pattern button and then release it without selecting a pattern you cannot press and hold it again until the pattern timer has run out. If you press and hold it the timer still runs out.


Now it seems that Keystep´s midi sequences are causing the freezes on DT, since no freezing after removing keystep.

Ps. there were some random length (short and super long) midi notes recorded into DT from Keystep´s internal sequer when “transfering”/recording-from keystep´s sequencer into DT. When played from Keystep alone into synths have not noticed any odd note lengths. I wonder can the start/stop/pause messages of keystep sequencer interfere with DT recorded stream of midi…

PsPs. Cant say that Im too surprised of arturia stuff messing with me (once again)…


I don’t know if anyone has already noticed that but I found two problems concerning MIDI:

  • When you’re playing with an external midi keyboard through a Digitakt MIDI track to control and external synth, almost every time after a while the digitakt freeze.

  • When you start a pattern with MIDI tracks active, the first midi note it’s like it gets retriggered by the following “step” of the sequencer and therefore it stops. You can notice it with long chords that they stops immediately. However, this happen only the first time the patter is executed or when you played after you stopped it and it’s just the first MIDi note, after that it works fine… but this is very annoying if you’re playing a chain of 2 patterns because every time it starts the new pattern the first midi note has this problem.

Has anyone noticed that as well?


Sweet mahoney jehosaphat! If that isn’t considered a bug it damn well should be. Previewing the sample is one of the most important parts of a sampler’s workflow and should ALWAYS work with the key combo on the screen.


It really is not a bug. You just need to make sure an audio track is selected when you preview a recorded sample. It’s really not that difficult. If an midi track is selected, simply press one of the audio tracks and there ya go…


But why should I? And it is difficult if there is no indication on the screen that playthrough will be disabled. If the screen says that Func+Yes:Preview with no indication that the preview is conditional on having an audio track selected, frustration definitely results. I admit that it’s not a bug like a hung midi note, or freezing, but at the very least it is an inscrutable and arbitrary design from this user’s perspective.


I understand what you are saying. An indication would be nice I guess. When you select an audio track, you select a voice from which the recorded sample can preview. When you select a midi track, there’s no voice “active” so to speak. So it’s pretty logical, but the first time I had this happen I also was a bit surprised. Never had a problem with it since then, as it is the first thing I check when I don’t hear anything :wink:


I think it must be a bug, as the preview doesn’t have any of the effects (reverb, filter, :hole:, etc.) of the channel it is auditioning on. I agree that once you know about it you can work around it, but logical isn’t quite the word I would use to describe it. :smile: