Digitakt 1.04 : Bug reports


Excerpts from Elektron support related to my issue. This is what I found out and is most-likely why I am getting crashes. I use FUNC+Save Proj as I work, and pretty much do it without thinking about it.

There is currently an issue with the quick save (FUNC+Save Proj) in which the machine can freeze like this. (We are working on fixing this bug - luckily, the Project will save successfully even though it freezes, but regardless we are of course fixing it). To avoid it, save by pressing the Settings (cog wheel) button, and select Project - save project from there.

Hope this helps someone here!


this is the bug i run into most often on my digitakt. I’ve noticed if i stop play before initiating project quicksave it tends not to freeze. Thanks for posting the feedback you received from elektron.


Thats odd I thought the project save bug had gone, it used to happen most of the time but after 1.04 not once for me, plenty of saving whilst playing too.
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I’ve only run on 1.04. Unit was received on 1.03 but I upgraded before I used it. First project I saved on the machine froze it. It’s happened a handful of times since.


Have you tried creating a new project after updating to 1.04 and then quick save? Seems like older projects saved under 1.03 bring some baggage.


All the projects I’ve created have been under 1.04. Literally, unboxed turned on to check the firmware, plugged into computer and updated before doing anything on the machine. Partially why I updated before doing anything was to avoid freezing when saving. Other reason for updating out the box was cause midi is more sorted out in 1.04.

To date I’ve experienced two bugs freezing when saving a handful of times and midi not sending when turning two encoders at the same time.


Copying the mix page doesn’t work. Maybe not a bug bug, but it should work, and doesn’t (yet)


I’ve had a big crash while using two midi tracks out. The patterns and samples are still in place but when I press play all that plays is the sample in slot 2. Everything in this project is fucked including the sample patterns. Weird. Hoping the next update can restore/play the samples as I had some great stuff going. Really wish the stability was a bit better. A bit underwhelmed to be promised something and then to realize it doesn’t work. I need this to gig so hoping 1.05 will sort these problems out.


Dear Elektron Engineers!
we really appreciate the products you’re making, i love the digitakt but…
will the audience appreciate it when they have to stop dancing cause of the unit that is crashing???
Isn’t it made for live performance?? I thought it would, cause this is what you are advertising.
I am a performer and i can’t get trust into the Digitakt, cause it is crashing all the time when i start working with midi… and it still doesn’t have back up. WTF!!!
Get this done please, we are begging for months for it to come!


I hope not too.
It was fixed on AR with an update, but i think only for the pitch note change as opposed to every parameters.
A lil hope remains


<3 THIS!


When certain parameters are locked to trigs, and you use control-all, when moving the parameter, it will still temporarily change the parameter even though it’s locked. Until you stop moving the parameter.

In live situations this is pretty problematic…


The problem is that there are different things you might musically want:

If I have reverb on a track down to zero, and one note in a pattern p-lock’d to mid-reverb… and then I control-all the reverb send to full - what should happen? In this case, probably I want the “max” reverb setting so the p-lock is still at it’s setting until the control-all goes beyond…

If I have a track with a few notes p-locked to a different longer note lengths, and control-all the length down - so I want them all immediately clipped? do I want them scaled?

Sometimes I want the max of the (control-all, p-lock) effect… sometimes I want control-all to overrride, sometimes I want the p-lock’d value scaled.

I suppose I’m okay with e. picking one interpretation over the others in the names of quick-easy-fast. Seems like it would bring a lot of complexity to be able to specify per-parameter? per-track? per-plock? how the value should interact w.r.t. control-all.


Yeah you’re probably right. For now, I haven’t come across these situations yet. In most situations I want the kick to be steady and the rest to warp for instance. Which is impossible in its current implementation. It also works in a strange way. It only changes as long as there’s knob movement. So if you pauze 1 miles from second the plock will jump the parameter back, so in order for it to work as you suggest, you need to keep moving the knob.

My intuition says that a plocked state, should be plocked. That way you can warp stuff while plocked stuff stays the same. I’ll make a ticket, I’m curious what elektron’s idea is in this.


I have a click appearring on some samples randomly, i have to reload them in ram to avoid it.
Usually a 2or 3 milliseconds after sample start depending its length.
More and more frequent this days.
Clearly audible


Encountered a strange thing today where adjusting filter/amp settings on an audio track seemed to be sending CCs to my SH-01A and adjusting its filter/amp in tandem… not sure if this is a bug or some kind of MIDI learn thing going on the SH-01A (i.e. user error) - anyone else encountered this?

FWIW it stopped happening after a project save.


What have you set for ENCODER DEST in the SETTINGS > MIDI CONFIG > PORT CONFIG menu? A setting of “EXT” will make the DT send MIDI messages when you turn the encoders.


At work now, will check later… I don’t think so though, as I’ve been sequencing a Minilogue and Minitaur for months without this happening (including in the same project/bank).


It’s crazy that they haven’t released a new update yet. It crashes every time I use the MIDI tracks and I lose work. Frequent patch fixes please Elektron! Don’t wait until you’ve sorted everything as there are often more tweaks required.


How many organs would you donate to get OS 1.05?