Current sounds, where are they now?

I really enjoy the way that the current sounds thread lets you peak over everyone’s shoulder and see what ideas they’re playing around with. But sometimes we actually follow through on those ideas.

I thought it might be fun for people to post what they wound up with since posting a more or less finished track feels to me to be going against the spirit of that thread.

So to get the ball rolling, I posted this:

This is how it came out:


That’s sick… nice work!!

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Agreed. Will post a link to the album I’m making once its finished. Might be a while.


nice one dude

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Nice idea! Excited to see what else gets shared here.

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Great idea for a thread, bonus points if poster links back to the post in the Current Sounds thread?

I recorded this (not really finished, working on it for a live thing) yesterday,

and it started life here

Current sounds coming from your gear - #558 by igtheflig and here
Current sounds coming from your gear - #562 by igtheflig

I guess it didn’t change that much.

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And yeah, I imagine a lot of stuff isn’t going to be drastically different from the original since we generally like to share things that already are sounding cool. And yours sounded cool from the jump.


From this…

To this…


SynthNoise Rockabilly . I dig.

Fucksake, I was going for harsh electroskiffle.

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Washboard Punk

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Reminded me of the intro/outro to Matt Johnson’s Red Cinders In the Sand from Burning Blue Soul

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I posted this in Current Sounds, but I guess at 4+minutes it should be here. Started life Current sounds coming from your gear - #812 by igtheflig

Current state is

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I posted this:

And it ended up more or less the same but with an actual sequence.

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I redid the last one (Current sounds coming from your gear - #812 by igtheflig)

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Started life as Current sounds coming from your gear - #839 by igtheflig

I think I prefer the short initial thing, ah well.

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