Cre8audio East Beast & West Pest

Didn’t see this anywhere, please remove if I’ve missed it.

Looks interesting…and I love the fun that these two companies are having.


Nice, cheesy trailer I like it

on website
“MSRP $349.99 - Estimated street price $249.99”

This company and Behringer makes eurorack more appealing to a modular noob like me


Showing as £215 on Thoman uk :open_mouth:


Cool video introduction. I like the graphics on the overlay too and the features sound like bang for the buck.

listed at $322 CAD at moogaudio.


HOW DID THEY KNOW?!:flushed::cold_sweat:


This is a great little ( 40 HP ) semi-modular, with all sorts of versatility, once you learn the interface.

This is a good review :

You get a lot for your money with this.


Lol, I don’t care for the synth but that trailer was great!

One hundred percent the opposite for me – the teaser was garbage, but this semi-modular has a lot going on. for something so small. The filter sounds nice too.


i am already grieving the choice for that front plate design. If hey would have kept it just a bit more abstract it would have actually worked. Looks so toy like now. But it actually sounds so incredibly nice to my ears. Especially the soft and smooth character it has. Very usable even in a band setting methinks. What other desktop module produces sounds like this?


I think Pittsburgh Electronics is involved - their SV-1 sounds fantastic (great oscillator and filter) …. And I still miss mine, even though selling was the right thing at the time :sweat_smile:


Don’t need it, but I love it. Lotsa respect for both companies (had Pittsburgh’s Microvolt…amazing semi-mod). Happy to see them having a good time collaborating.

Seriously. That’s like B prices.


after watching some of the vids it seems like a very well priced middle ground between the Moog Werkstatt and the Mother32…

it does sound lovely.


Sonic State on the case:

SV-1 envelope and LFO plus that Pittsburgh filter; nice.The sequencer / arpeggiator has some fun tricks too.

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Seems like a deliberate choice and does make them a strong competitor in that space (the mini synths of roland, korg, behringer etc)

At the price it’s hard to go wrong ! I think they’re adding to it in firmware as well, more on why i think that soon.

You could likely do an overlay on the front panel.

Downside for me with the design is figuring out the meaning of the four binary LEDs. It’s a little abstract from looking at the manual.

But using the LEDs rather than a full display helps keep cost down, and it isn’t a show stopper for me.


As i’ve got a plotter at my disposal I might just make my own skin indeed. Love the color in the knobs though, not an easy thing to get right bar the typical metal and/or black.

I don’t mind, as it’s either a super usable mono synth, or a sandbox for fun percussive sounds and textures. In the case of the latter, I don’t mind just clicking and wiring until I end up in an odd place. But it’s not ideal

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As far as doing an overlay, i notice the plugs have real attachment “nuts”, not hex nuts, but i think there is a special tool to remove/attaching them.

( Real metal nuts not like some very expensive monosynth, that has been lambasted for “plastic nuts”. )

The binary LEDs are mainly used for system setup stuff that gets done once, so it’s less a problem.

The Pittsburgh Modular oscillators and filters are great in this, and they sound fabulous.

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They really do; I’ve got an SV-1 and love it, but I’d almost get this to use the sequencer with it…


This looks like another great hit from P.Modular

I have the microvolt and the SV1 and will get this too

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