Control All on Rytm

Hi guys,

So i haven’t looked into the DT much as happy with OT & AR.

However i’ve just read that the DT has Control All!!! I would absolutely love this feature on the AR.

I would mainly use it for being able to low pass filter all tracks at the same time - I currently use STROM to do so, but would love to not have to take the iPad live, and be able to do it from the AR.

I see the mk2 AR has a quick perf dial, which I assume I could use to do a filter sweep on all tracks, but would be upgrading for this feature alone - as happy with the machine otherwise.

If it’s unlikely to be an added feature - could anyone suggest a work around that doesn’t involve STROM?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I tried setting all the tracks to the same midi channel and assigning an ot knob to cc 74, filter cutoff. It seems to choke the rytm and not work so well. You gave me the idea to set a performance macro to all the filters and try midi control of that, might work better…


For such a specific use as that, I recommend using a Performance macro for this.

Set it up in a pattern with one trig connected to its own kit. This way you can copy that perf macro out of that kit and paste it into any other kit, and only have to create that performance macro one time.


That is the answer!!! And i had figured it out weeks ago, but promptly forgot the solution!! Assigning all filters to a perf macro and then controlling that macro via OT’s midi sequencer!

Thanks @Open_Mike !


Perf macros alone - I find it hard to do smooth sweeps due to it being pad pressure that controls it - where as with STROM I can use the dials to control all filters.

However will use Open mike’s idea via OT’s midi sequencer :slight_smile:

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You helped me out too…
I originally tried the same midi channel idea when JohnnyEgo created a control all patch for axoloti:

Just two days ago I revisited this and was bummed it didn’t work so smooth, didn’t think to go through a performance pad…
Just tried it and it works!

Some different options of how to control it as each track can scale differently. I think I’m going to try having all the filters at 0 on the machine, set the perfomance for each track to a positive value that would be where I actually want the filter for eack track, and then leave the knob all the way up on the OT so I can still turn it down instead of up!

With a little more brain power I ought to be able to get it so when the OT knob is at 100, all my tracks have the proper filter value, so i still can raise the cutoff as well…


Very interesting!! Please keep in touch with your progress! :slight_smile:

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Got it to work nicely with all filters at 0, each track having a positive perfomance value of where I would like each one, and leaving the OT knob at 127 ready to turn down and have all the filters go from their individual values down to 0…

Now I’m sidetracked as I’ve noticed distortion on my bass drum when the filter is low, and have tracked it to the compressor as it clears up without it. Thing is nothing is really that loud and the compressor settings are tame, so off on another tangent…

But yeah, when I get back at it I’ll figure out how to hit my filter values with the OT knob at 100, and have scaled control all filters!


Yes @Open_Mike loving your work! I won’t be back in my studio until next week, but the wait to give this all a go is killing me! :slight_smile:

Just tried Control All (same midi channel for all tracks) with midi loopback (midi cable between in and out). Works apparently really well, even with live recording (max number of plocks reached!).

I made a global slot 1 for Ctr All with all tracks on channel 1, and a slot 2 for regular use.
Easy to switch, great to make same settings on all tracks, or group of tracks sharing same channel.

You can set Mute to int.


this is a great idea. we need to collate all the tips like this for a RYTM TIPS AND TRICKS document.


Tested again, midi loopback works like a charm, except with Lfo Depth. Reading midi chart, it sends Msb and Lsb.
Midi processor Lsb filtering should work. I didn’t try NRPN.
Edit : works with NRPN. :slight_smile:

So here is a video with CALM : Control All Loopback Midi! :smile:
Or CALOR : Control AL On Rytm :content:

Edit : Video deleted for some reasons. Another dirty one below…

Cool features I didn’t expect in Trig Menu :

  • Pitch all tracks chromatically
  • Control velocity of all trigs > 4 velocity mod parameters
  • Turn on / off all analog machines
  • Turn on / off all samples
  • Turn on / off all filter envelopes
  • Turn on / off all lfo trig (FREE mode only?)

These parameters can be reloaded with Pattern Reload.
For other parameters modifications, use Kit Reload.

You can make groups with different channels.


A sign of genius is often when colleagues witnesses a new paradigm introduced and smack their heads and say, “Duh. Of course.”

Fantastic. So now the AR has a wicked Control All. Only problem ofc is that it takes the midi in port. But def can be done.

Nice beat btw. I like how you brought a whole mess of things in when you really started going for it. :mage:


@sezare56 you’re a natural born hacker, my friend :smile:


Control All from scratch, default kit. Beware, noisy. :rofl:


can you please upload the video again, and explain please whats control all loopback midi?

I don’t have it anymore. The dirty sound video above uses the same principle.

Tracks on the same midi channels
Tweaking knobs sends midi Control Changes
Midi Out > Cable > Midi In
CCs are received by all tracks on the same midi channel

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