Rytm + MIDI controller

Livid Code is one expensive box of knob! :neutral_face:

the livid code sounds more ‘vintage’
plus i’ve either broken cheaper controllers or they gave out on me
this one’s for life

What do you mean by that? it doesn’t make any sound, just control Midi/
It looks more vintage?

Talking about channels, may I go on a side track a little bit, once again ?

If you use let’s say 16 channels to control the AR, there is not much channel left.
What is this nonsense ?
Now if I have a shitload of tiny synth to control from OT, and chain altogether to get the sync, is there another solution than having to go deep into the MIDI hub and clear this mess ?

What’s the idea of only 16 channels in 2015 ???
Especially when one gear eats all of them…

MIDI is too weak !

Or my mind is ?

What do you mean by that? it doesn’t make any sound, just control Midi/
It looks more vintage?[/quote]
it was a joke! :sob:

if you’re using a standalone MIDI controller, no need to keep it in the loop unless you need a MIDI clock

What do you mean by that? it doesn’t make any sound, just control Midi/
It looks more vintage?[/quote]
it was a joke! :sob:[/quote]
That’s actually a good one.
My stupidity on this one is even funnier :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Midi is an old dude…not sure that they had any idea that it would be still alive 30 years later…

It really depends how you setup your MIDI chain and config.
What is your setup?

Indeed it is weak, but you’re only using MAX 15 channels (1-12 for tracks, 13 for FX, 14 for Auto Channel, and 15 for Performance),
and minimum 14 channels (nix the Auto Channel)

There’s some room left.

For more channels just add another midi interface.
My iConnectMidi2+ has 32 channels. Others have more.

I have a iConnectMIDI4+
32 channels ? Damn, I HAVE to understand this device…

I just made a Novation Launch Control XL template for the Rytm so I could have a “dumb” drum machine template and tweak a bunch of different parameters at once like I’m jamming a 909.

I’m getting huge hiccups from the Rytm though, especially if I change either one value very quickly or try to adjust many things at once.

Does anyone else have this problem?

I’m using an iConnectMidi4+, MIDI i/o on the Rytm via the DIN jacks.

Then you have 64 channels in and 64 channels out over the DIN jacks.

I recently set this peavey pc1600 to control my rig which includes an AR. I had to utilize an iConnect2 to filter/route my midi messages so they wouldn’t overlap. Working out well here

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I have a TFP, waiting for bomebox to become available so I can start making various AR-specific scripts for the TFP :alien:

I’m setting my sights on reacquiring an AR. Though a controller will be absolutely necessary for various reasons. Mainly I’m thinking at least something to control the volumes of the tracks so that whatever I feed in will sit comfortably within the earthquake of the RYTM. I hadn’t thought of using my Maschine controller for some odd reason. But that will be brilliant! AND using the pads to trigger scenes while the knobs can create a nice option for ushering in perf modulations that I need to be precise and stay while using the unit pads to have a sporadic wavelike nature to them.

Also that means I don’t have to buy another controller!!!

Thanks for the idea!


Even though I have a lot of controllers already, the upcoming faderfox analog rytm controller (MX12) tempts me… Mostly because of its DIN MIDI i/o. Two ins and outs means that I wont have to faff around with merge/split boxes

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LarsErik, interesting solution. I just tried that with no success. How do you set it up so it works? Any templates? Thanks

I’m using AR as midi controller. :content:
Control All on Rytm

It’s not a controler, but provide lot of lfo and other goodies : Squarp Pyramid.
I keep my hands on Rytm, but boost it’s abilities with another sequencer.
So cool.

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There are multiple ways, but basically you just set each pad to send to the corresponding midi channel of the AR. The MIDI specification holds the key to what CC values and midi channels to use.

Don’t have any template to share because I upgraded to Maschine MK3 and the controller wasn’t able to load MK2 templates so I lost quite a lot of useful stuff…