Black Friday 2017 Deals


Got an eMail earlier today with a link to the promotion.


I bought the Linndrum60 samples Saturday on a whim. 1st purchase from them and put name down on email list. Just checked my inbox and its everything for $79! This is one that’s far too good to pass up.


How are the synth samples in Ableton/Kontakt- do you know? is it a decent interface? My fear is that these samples will be unwieldy.


Me too! :scream:


Sample auditioning is so time consuming, imho.


My thoughts, too. Though- if the Kontakt instrument is like any other sample instrument- then it’s not like picking from a list of samples but like picking out different instruments. Which is significantly better(but I’m doubtful that the Samples from Mars are like that)


I’m decided to download either Ableton or Kontakt only out of all of these. Presuming the Kontakt stuff automatically maps in MAschine (I dunno…) I’ll probabbly go down that route. Not sure how drum kits are in Kontakt - a vst I have really ignored for years actually.

That Voyetra sample set though - love it! Almost bought it on Saturday.


Public service announcement!!!

Just bought an octatrack mk2 from musicians friend with the CYBER discount (over the phone) for $1146. Hooray!


Also got in on that samples from mars deal.

I’m starting to wish that the Digitakt had expandable storage…

Still, for £42 overall I can’t really complain. Looks like the MPC60, Found Sounds and Modern Oddities will be sitting on my +Drive.


maybe someone has already posted it but bigfish used to be my go to for finding samples. up to 70% off;sou=bfahmpg


Same! I didn’t think I’d hit the limit so quickly. I guess it’s time to start building out kit folders on my PC rather than a mass dump into the Digitakt. I just bought all the synths and I’m afraid… The linndrum download set me over the Digitakt limit this past weekend.


Looks like Perfect Circuit Audio extended their Black Friday sale to Cyber Monday:

Ordered Infinite Jets and Meteore pedals from them.


dang, how do you guys have any money left? :joy:


I just got the email. Gonna take the plunge when I get home from work!


I think by making it a limited offer, they unintentionally pissed a few people off, so they’ve opened it up completely.

Everyone who wants it can have everything they sell for $39. Code is allproducts39. Runs until end of Friday.

Where to find some great Toms?

hey look at that! i just found 40 bucks. WEIRD


Rats, if held off I could’ve saved a further £20. Ah well, not to worry, huge bargain this one.


The email before the last one said you can contact them and they’ll refund you or give you credit. They’ve also said they’re going to offer an extra freebie in the future.


Cheers for heads up. I might drop an email but would feel a little dirty chasing for it after getting such a huge discount anyway!


Yeah I cringed when I witnessed everyone talking about buying from them then they dropped the offer. I didn’t think that was going to go over well.

/ whips out credit card