Black Friday 2017 Deals


No conversation, just links to deals you’ve spotted!

For the kickoff …

from Native Instruments

Tip is never ever buy stuff from NI at any other time of year. Only pick up their stuff when they have a sale :wink:

Almost Black Friday [2015]


Korg Gadget for Desktop- $150


Izotope running rotating deals, currently it’s their creative stuff, but would expect things like RX and Ozone to be discounted at some point.


Hopefully some sorta discount on their production bundles [fingers crossed]


Oh. Those gadgets sound like a fun deal, especially now that they do the NKS thing.


For US customers…go to for Thanksgiving day / black Friday deals. If there is something that isn’t marked down that you like call them for a phone in price.


Waves Diamond Bundle 90% off at the moment.


Ok Not really Black Friday…but still a good Deal. AK for 1099€:

Regular for 1170€


Kraft Music Black November Deals:


These deals look good too:


i saw this recently , thought it was a good discount.
tr-09 for £259 .


Any word on whether Bitwig Studio 2 will get a sale? I believe they had a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale last year.


Also, for $150 Korg Gadget for Desktop starts to approach serious consideration. Has anyone used it? I could see it being something that offers very fast workflow and approachability, both things that are good for software to feel more fun like hardware.

Korg Gadget on sale for 50% off

Got excited when I saw Teenage Engineering… and it’s the cases for Pocket Operators GAS fizzle


‘Gas fizzle’


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40% off everything at


New Loops Black Friday Sale 2017 – Up To 70% OFF!

The New Loops Black Friday Sale is on now with massive discounts on audio sample packs and synth presets. Prices are down as low as £4.49 with many sound packs at 60-70% OFF. But that’s not it, spend over £39 and get an EXTRA 15% OFF!

Some of the best deals include:

70% OFF Percussion Mega Pack
70% OFF House Bundle
67% OFF Hive Presets Double Pack
60% OFF Cinematic Textures and Drones
60% OFF Kontakt Synth Bundle
60% OFF Club FX Bundle
60% OFF Trap Bundle
50% OFF Serum Presets Bundl

There’s loads more big discounts and all packs have Free Demos to download. New Loops Black Friday Sale is on now and covers Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and ends on Dec 4th.

More Info:


Requires the code GLTCH40 to get the discount.