Black Friday 2017 Deals


This is insane! I wonder if there is a way to download all packs at once, I get pages of separate download links which is a bit of a hassle. I am now ready to move to an island with Ableton, Push2, U-HE Synths and Samples from Mars. What else do you need?


How insane is this ? Thinking I was committed to sample my own synths from now on…

It will just take ages to download this and listen carefully !!!
What have I just done ?!?

Thank you for the tip @finalform :tongue:


oh my god I need to stop checking this thread, ow my poor bank account


Did Elektronauts became “Coupon code and firestarter” these days?! :smiley:


Huh, I wonder if they’ve turned it off again. I put in the code and it’s not recognized. Best price I see for all is $254…


Hope not, email said the deal was good til dec 1


probably user error on my part somehow. I sent them an email to clarify.


Just tried again and it worked as stated. Didn’t do anything different as far as I can tell. If anyone else has any troubles, just try a few times.


Man I don’t even know why I bought those samples, but it was too good of a deal and I’ll sort something out! :joy:


they’re good samples Brent


What’s the combined size of the packs?


No idea at the moment - I’m downloading everything to store on a HDD and to finally get my samples and things more organised. Probably got a quarter of it all last night and that was 16gb so far. Hopefully complete everything this evening.


it’s a bit over 40gb. i gave them a brief once-over and there are some really good ones.


Yeah. I just grabbed it as well. Kind of overkill for me since I only use the Digitakt, but some of the packs look interesting and I like supporting people that make cool stuff like this.


This is crazy. I think I just fed my Digitakt for life.


Not sure we support anything by giving him 39 bucks :joy:
it’s more a gift i guess for us


Yes indeed.
I took the time to drop a message, this is just nuts.

I’ll make sure I cite them every time I have a Sample from Mars in my track.


Did you have to download them before friday, or when you want once paid?? Asking because i just have phone actually…


I think I just supercharged my MPC Live with all those samples…


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