Black Friday 2017 Deals


Edit : Problem Solved.


I decided against Soundtoys in the end. Echoboy and Little AlterBoy both were favourites but opted to go all in with Komplete Ultimate instead. Really like Replika XT as well as the extra bits and bobs included (love the Abbey Road drum kits).


I’m going to pass on ST as well. Fantastic plugins, and $200 (with another included discount) is a great price, but I’ve spent loads of money on other sales. They’ll do another sale like this in the future, so always then. I totally agree though, Replika XT is probably my favorite delay overall. I’m a bit of a delay junkie and that’s in my top three along with D16 Tekturon and Dub Machines Modnetic.


Samples from mars is giving away modded 606 for free today. Samples From Mars Modded 606

I bought a couple other things too because there’s some pretty great stuff there and the sale is still a great deal.


Cyber Monday : Waves SSL G Bus Compressor 29$ (Normally 200$)



Yeah, I’ve been waiting for that one for a while because they’ve never done it outside of the bundles. It’s supposed to be very good.


it is very good :wink:


Softube volume 1 for 299 today! Includes modular and heartbeat.


Hey! That $25 adds up. By the time you’ve spent 1 million dollars, that’s a savings of 2.5k :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

edit: $250. I didn’t compare digits well enough…


I bought the Soundtoys deal, but i feel it wasnt needed at the end. But i am happy with the Sonarworks plugin, good choice.


You had a headphone from their list ? or you will send your headphone for a dedicated profil ? or maybe it’s the reference monitors you buy…


CDM’s Cyber Monday roundup:

Followed one of the links, and another link at that link to find something called Septavox on sale. Don’t need it, but wow, it’s oddly tempting.


Meeblip has some good items on sale…

I don’t need it at all. I don’t. Need.


I have Sennheiser HD380, good Headphones, but they bump Bass and around 7k, so a worthwhile invest to clarify my listening situation.


Cool :slight_smile:


Stuff translate to speakers a lot better then without the plugin. Sonarworks Reference is essential, even if you have good headphones and a well treated room.


We have one of these at my uni, spending as much time as possible in the studio for final year to really savour it before going back to my MIdas Venice at home :stuck_out_tongue:


Just grabbed the entire Samples from Mars catalog for €30,- :slight_smile:




Sounds like if you’re on the email list it’ll hit your inbox today or already has.

All the links jump strait to checkout with special items listed. Not sure what you’re interested in but I could probably send you the link if you are.