Behringer Synth [Deepmind 12]


iam asking the same


I think they’re doing exactly what they needed to. Cheap 12 voice poly would have been ‘good enough’ for most companies to put out… but behringer has/had the worst name in the game… Just looks to me like they’re determined to show that they have their own ideas and are serious about the whole thing. Fair play to them if the quality control is up to scratch…


Not denying any of that in theory but can’t say pushing a VIrtual Reality interface before releasing the synth itself is a call that makes sense to me or something anyone was asking for (rather than actually getting hold of the synth) I think the hype is fading fast as a side effect.

That was only part of the point tho… The synth to me, comes across like an old Roland workstation in some ways. I wanted it to replace a few other bits I have, but as yet, not sure I’m feeling it. That latest demo with the funk band session playing could be any synth or controller in the hands of a good player.

I Look forward to getting my hands on one and playing it really badly tho :slight_smile:


Surely letting it speak for itself rather than sweetening the product with new interfaces before its release actually cheapens the product tho, to me that comes across like there not confident in it as it is… I dunno. Just my thoughts.


I don’t really get the workstation comparison tbh. My Mininova has pretty similar depth to it, I Def wouldn’t think of that as a workstation… Or my Analog Keys either… The VR thing is kind of distracting from the actual synth but it does no harm, just a fun kind of Easter egg thing that my kids will love and also has some practical use (routing mod matrix… If anyone’s actually in to wearing the glasses etc…)…No harm no foul :wink:


That’s kind of like saying you’d rather have bought a RYTM then waited for overbridge. Instead of having it there to start with? Otherwise it isn’t a good enough drum machine to stand up by itself? Surely the ideal situation is to have as much stuff ready and jammed in when a product ships? Holding stuff back just so elements can be weighed up individually sounds crazy. I’d rather see the full picture from the get go and know what I’m buying… Any other surprises later down the line in updates are obvs always welcome :wink:


The workstation comment is about it seeming a little characterless up to now. I know it can’t be judged yet, but for eg a prophet 6 has character online or in person, classic sounds or basic tones… yes it’s way more expensive, and thats what I’m trying to figure I suppose. Is character expensive in hardware. :slight_smile:


Not really :slight_smile: i knew RYTM was already mega before overbridge was on the table and I wasn’t looking for an editor … had it been the other way and OB was lacking interface capability, and I had no experience of there other gear, I’d wonder tho yea. :wink:


I kind of know what you mean but I think that has a lot to do with the mostly ‘mediocre to lame’ demos and the behringer stigma thing. If that young Japanese korg dude had been presenting the product to the world instead of middle aged Brits it would have maybe felt like a totally different introduction. The brain is a weird thing! I’m pretty sure it’ll come out on top and become more attractive/get the kind of character you’re talking about superficially once it gets in the right hands. Some of the patches ive heard so far sound pretty incredible…

FWIW I’ve very rarely been totally wowed by prophet 6 or any dsi synth demos online, just something about the sounds people seem to dial in on most of the videos etc, so maybe it’s just horses for courses and you’re more in to that kind of intrinsic DSI sound than the vintage Roland kind of thing? Pretty sure I’d be happy with either tbh tho :wink:


You know what I mean tho :wink: maybe the OB metaphor was a bad one…

Just why would a company hold features back when they know they have to change most people’s perception of them? And how can anyone say something is worse because it has depth that they don’t even need to use and doesn’t interfere with anything else? Just confuses me a little…

All cool tho :slight_smile: they’ll be out sooner or later and we can get first hand opinions. I need a decent poly and don’t have a ton of cash so Im hoping to dig it…


Nope. Monotribe or Microbrute comes to mind. More personality than a grand old lady slightly drunk on an afternoon tea party. And cheap as the perfume she’s wearing, too.


Some patches sound lot like Roland D-50.


It doesnt seem like you are very familiar with Behringer as a company - they always cram a million features into everything - thats their thing. A VR interface is silly as hell but would be totally expected considering that VR is the tech du jour. They always try to redo everyone elses products better than the originals, using cheaper components and so forth, and adding on all the latest and greatest, most trendy bells and whistles. Its just their M.O.

Beyond that, the synth seems genuinely interesting on its own merits - and as far as Behringer goes, its one of their least clone-y products, even though it started as a Juno 106 clone.

Everyone needs to keep in mind, there is no multi-timbral on this synth. Its one part with 12 voices - thats it. However it clearly has a mountain of sound design potential, if thats your thing. Its my thing, so Im down for it, ASAP. Its not an all-in-one, tho. Its purely a players synth.

Still might have to wait for a desktop version though - and I could also see them upgrading that unit to being multi-timbral, possibly. Up to 12 parts would be insane. Hell even 4 parts would be killer.


They couldn’t take my money fast enough if it became multi-timbral.


Thought you had too many synths? sorry see you said multi timbral and it is not. I assume then you wont be buying it


I’m in a glass case of emotion. I’d probably replace current gear with it, because I love innovation


I mean, that thing plus OT controlling it would be phenomenal, how could I NOT?! Analog 12


Yer desktop version multi timbral. Would be not so easy to introduce multi timbral functionality so late in the game.


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