Behringer Synth [Deepmind 12]


Behringer should introduce this to their mixer line where you can have very large gui spaces literally at your fingertips.

Great to see innovation being applied like this. The mod matrix actually looks useful insofar as it is genuinely better than other incarnations (except perhaps the arturia matrixbrute which looks promising)

Perhaps the deepmind desktop will be about the size of an elektron box, with all the control delivered via this virtual interface.


The future is nuts. If this stuff ever gets to the point where the physics are responsive/accurate enough (maybe it already is?) it won’t be long before I can sit on my sofa and play augmented instruments that are switched on in another room and see and hear them through a pair of glasses and ear piece… Id imagine something like a Sp404 (16 decent sized virtual pads without velocity) could probably be done to a usable degree now… Insane.


I wouldn’t count on that yet. The cost of entry to VR/AR gear is still prohibitive for a lot of people to really offload the hardware controls. Maybe in the future, but I think the tech is still a little too fresh & costly for this to be a viable interface consideration for a near-future release.


I wouldn’t bother with AR controls, as those are at least still too unprecise to use out of showcase scenario but for showing mod matrix, envelopes, any extra info - this is a brilliant idea.

Now we need only Overbridge AR views!


Same kind of AR overlays would be awesome also on grid controllers, Push etc


you are right, hopefully Microsoft is pushing the HoloLens forward because this is true innovation which goes far beyond tablets and other stuff


Behringer taking it to the next level. Who would have thought.
That virtual reality thing is off the chart crazy!!




Behringer be like “how about a 12 voice poly synth for $1000?!”
Me: “holy shit. Very nice Behringer!”
Behringer: “Also, fucking VIRTUAL REALITY!”
Me: wtf that’s awesome


module please ! ! !


uli is doin coke and midas party all night long…flipchart and stuff…occulus LSD science


Getting good excited about this! :aw:


7.08 and 10.34 sounded pretty great through my phone speaker.


Definitely! 7.08 took me to a distant alien planet.


IMO VR is still gimmicky ATM, maybe by 2030 it’ll become ubiq like smartphones but we’re still ways off.

Still the DM12 looks very much like a winner. I love the fact that the architechture goes way beyond a typical juno 106 too!


Nick @ Sonicstate already did a full review of this, about a week ago. Im not sure how I missed it, but I dont remember it being posted anywhere. Ive been keeping a very obsessive eye on this thing. Heres the review:


Looking/sounding good -


Like everyone I’m impressed with the features to price ratio but up to now all that cramming in has left it a little non discript for me… like a jack of all trades workstation without much of its own character. Not necessarily a bad thing if you need that… but for all the talk of magic ANALOG VOICES at a bargain price, the critic side of me wonders why there trying hard to polish it with the gimmicks (like VR) rather than getting a finished product out. Hmmm

Will see… I hope they manage to get em there out soon.


Brand changing? Entering a competitive synth market?


^ high quality 12 voice analog poly for cheap not enough ? (Is what Im askink myself)