Behringer Synth [Deepmind 12]


Sounds promising link.

I would buy another A4 if it was possible to poly chain
How is the raw sound of the Deepmind 12?
Behringer DeepMind 12D or Korg Volca Sample?

Very Interesting. I love how they are including the community. Elektron could take a tip from this.




You never know JC it might be an alright synth :thinking:


I’m sure I’ve heard the first 1 in a dubstep track.


new video came out…

if its obscenely cheap like the rest of Behringers stuff, i will definitely buy one… i like the cheap nasty synths… honestly it sounds pretty damn good


I feel like it’s going to be a Juno / Prophet style synth.


Peter from was one of the first people who played the prototype. He´s sure that Behringer´s synth will be the “synth hit 2016”. (german article)


Looks like a Juno 106!


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Very interesting. So he is saying it’s better than the minilogue. So I’m guessing it’s very similar but with full sized keys?


i suspect mono, and if thats the case, im gonna project <$300… maybe 299 but yeh

if its a poly, id also guess maybe 350 - but id imagine theyd do a range with both kinds, maybe a rack, etc… behringer tends to do a line around a design rather than one-offs… also they LOVE to undercut everyone so id expect either lower price than minilogue or way more features for same-ish price

who knows tho… its supposed to be MIDAS design, so it could be a whole new phase for them thats no longer in the “budget” arena


another teaser video…


I gotta be honest, I used to work in a music gear shop and we sold a lot of behringer because it’s so cheap. We also did repairs and behringer and crate products seemed to be the most frequently broken. The sound of a lot of their stuff is useable, some of it even good, and this synth . . . Well, I’m impressed. I just hope it doesn’t fall apart after a few weeks of use. Time will tell


Soooo I guess I can reveal that the first UK public showing of this will be at our Leeds meet on Aug 20.

I’ve had hands on & it’s very good. Behringer are still releasing teasers so I can’t over step the mark & say too much. I can say it’s a game changer for them. They own T C Electronics, Klark Teknik & Midas now & these resources show.

Price point will be very attractive especially once you appreciate how powerful it is.

Must say that the team working on this are an incredibly passionate bunch & were extremely attentive when discussing user options/ideas!


Video 3… It’s Poly…


But only 4 voices, I’m afraid:




Yeah I saw that. but they could be 8, layered with the same buttons. but I think 4 voices, tho not ideal, is the sweet spot for the mass consumer market at the sub $500 price point.


We only can see 4 leds in that picture, I really hope there is more than 4. if it is indeed just 4 it would be a big dissapointment.