Behringer Synth [Deepmind 12]


Remember: being analog doesn’t necessarily mean that it sounds good or it is fun. I don’t really like the looks and the interface looks like a mess.


When this was announced was really interested.
Teasers worked really well. The usual drill. celebrities paid buckets of cash to talk it up, cool short sound snippets, out of focus abstract snapshots thrown in to keep us intrigued etc.
Was very disappointed when it was released, just think it looks cheap, it looks like a Behringer synth unfortunately.
But the deal breaker for me was the sliders. Absolutely hate sliders on synths.
Well, maybe for an envelope ok but that’s it.
Haven’t even bothered hearing how it sounds since I saw those sliders :unamused:


Those sliders are nuts.


And every time I hear the name Deepmind i think of that dodgy 70’s porn movie Deepthroat. Actually was a good movie though haha


Guess it’s just a personal preference thing which is fair enough but I don’t get so many people hating on sliders… I wouldn’t kick a Buchla Easel, Juno or Odyssey out the studio based on them having sliders :wink: i’d much rather use sliders than Elektron mega fine vs value stepping knobs… Deepmind sounds pretty great in a lot of the patches floating around. Really nice to have such decent/varied fx onboard to shape sounds and store inside the Preset vs having to deal with multiple units. Can’t afford one and trying not to buy any new gear for a while, but probably would grab one if I was in the market for a poly…


Yeah just a personal thing. Feel a disconnect with the instrument when I use sliders. Like I said can’t comment on sound as no point hearing it for me with that interface.


Apparently no inputs… shame a bit i guess with all that effects on board.


That’s all well, good and mostly stating the obvious plus lots of unnecessary excuses for the manufacturer, of a product none of us have sniffed, like pointing out features or lack of… and I know what behringer originally stand for too. I enjoy the point about it not really being a clone but it is originaly a clone most. :blush:

clone all day !! I never mentioned anything about clones being bad, everything’s a clone of something at some point, jus let me choose and stop telling me it’s great whilst knocking out sounds that most romplers can do (and an innovative VR interface) :sunny: the constant marketing is soulless and irritating To me.

Anyone pre ordered ?!



i dont like the Menus. They look sooo 1980 … :smiley:


Oh jeez. Is this real?


Well, Officialy posted to gearslutz at least… :slight_smile:

Curiously there asking for a heads up before they produce, to scope the popularity so they can get away with mass ordering parts for cost effectiveness (not sure exactly how big the comunity is there) tho already building ?!
He mentioned an $899 ish price point.

Seems an obvious choice to produce a module also.


Put knobs on it and I’ll take 2 :happy:


Kinda forgot this thing was coming out… Some nice sounds in it -


Hope they make the module …


Just ordered one of these on Thomann. Been following it pretty closely and have been very impressed. I’ll report back as soon as it arrives


I’ve heard rumors of the Deepmind (keyboard) having lots of DOA problems. Anybody knows more about it?


I’ve heard absolutely nothing about this. All reviews have been nothing but good praise.

No doubt it’s just some haters trying to piss on Behringer.

We’ll see anyways.

Edit: found a Reddit where two users got DOA units that were promptly replaced and they then went on to enjoy the synth.

Quite obviously there were a load of people in the same thread who immediately said “I told you so”

Anyways if it’s a numbers thing, which it is then 2 units out of potentially thousands is an expected outcome

Some one mentioned something about a 3 year garauntee from Behringet anyways


Only 2 loudly voiced complaints is encouraging for build quality. Especially it those units have been switched fast and no probs since. My Op1 arrived broken and needed to go straight back. It happens…


Absolutely. I had to send back a Roli Seaboard Rise and that was built very well. The problem was with just two small areas of the key bed.