Behringer Synth [Deepmind 12]


this looks alright i guess…


cool interview, Deepmind 6 with half the voices and one less octave at 37 keys yo …




I’ve half a mind about that…


*Rushes around in an excited fluster searching for puntastic responses <-) :smiley:


Since I don’t see one in my studio, I think it’s Absentmind…


How do you personally like its key bed? I could see the DM6 replacing my Minilogue, but out here in the “Australian Bush Capital”’ it is practically impossible to encounter any of these synths in the wild…


The demo was cool, but I don’t think I’m one hundred percent convinced.

note: in reference to fractions, proportions and such like.

hope i didn’t overexplain the comedic element to this post, but i just didn’t want to do things by halves.



Did you have actual hands-on time with the DM12? Better Music here in Canberra keeps telling me that they will get one into their showroom, but I won’t believe until I actually see one there in the plastic/metal.


Probably won’t be grabbing it but I’m happy there’s another 37 key synth in the wild.


Haven’t seen anything about release dates for the DM6 or DM Desktop but I’m going to struggle to resist the desktop. It’s at times like these that you let out a little sob that the Analog range sequencer doesn’t do midi - I still think a pairing of AK and DM would be great though! Chuck in an MPC Live or DT and things get really interesting…


haven’t played one although love the sound


Its ok, not great but its fine. I just dont like the velocity curve but im quite picky about those things.


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To top it all off, it sounds like wet wool, too.


It looks like it was the retailer

Edit: The more I watch this the more I think this is a used/open box unit


I was debating whether to go with one of these or a prophet-6 a while back. Looks like I made the right choice!


I think I would rather have a second hand System 8.


This dude’s got this whole conspiracy theory worked out but refuses to acknowledge the obvious(“looks like this has been taped back up”)

Fingerprints. No packaging- even my Behringer mixer came with packaging. This was a used unit with a lackluster previous owner