Behringer Synth [Deepmind 12]


Yep, that’s why I am asking! :slight_smile:
Good to know it’s mostly a rumour.


The Deepmind 12 is a very nice synth.
Well built and sounds great .
Remind me alot of my Juno 106 i had a long time ago.
Presets are awful and are drenched in fx but its not because the engine is bad , its just the programmer. The thing sounds so much better without all that reverb imo.

I use it as a 6 voices poly with 2 OSCs et 2 SUBs most of the time.
What i do is use the unisson 2 mode and you can change specific parameters only for the second voices, like osc tuning , filter params , env etc . Its brillant really !

To my hear i think it sounds way better than the Prophet 8 from DSI but i think i prefer the A4 which is more dark even if i think the Deepmind is richer sounding.


Please, @sovietpop, would you mind throwing a bunch of demos of DM12 ?


I’ve had mine a bout two weeks now. It does sound great and it is well built. I for one love the FX engine. It has it all and has very flexible routing. Some great stuff in there. Eventide Space style Blackhole and Shimmer Verbs. I have a Space and TimeFactor aux’d up to my mixer but having extra ones built in to the synth is awesome.

My main issue is with the sliders. They are a bit wobbly and move too quickly. Funny that they should not try to improve on this design. There are a few Moog style knobs on there too, and they feel rock solid. Would have preferred more of those.

There are a number of other issues that require OS updates.

After I initialize a patch, the VCA will not fade in when the Attack time is set to a high value. The VCA is silent and then kicks in at 20% volume and then fades in from there. This is a massive problem as far as I’m concerned.

A number of other OS related bugs have been reported. I read through a few of them on the forum but have only come across that one so far.

I hope they keep on top of these issues with regular updates and don’t pull a DSI Tempest with it


Eventide style? Really?


I think there designed by tc elektronic and another company I’m not familiar with. I like TC fx tho I haven’t used a deep mind yet. Kind of fell off my radar as it dragged on and I forgot about it. Still hope the module comes along.


Yep the Fx are really really nice. Even that multiband distortion FX is quite awesome imo. Its apparently a direct port from their very very expensive Midas console (30000$)


TC reverbs like the hall of fame are nice, but nothing on an eventide space.


I would not compare the Fx to Eventide imo (especially because there are not that modulable ex : time param etc )
but they have to be the best FX i’ve heard in any synth i’ve tried in my life.


No, maybe not high end compared to purpose built eventide boxes, but I think they may be at least better than the average synth fx… But I haven’t heard what’s in DM either.


Yeah I had a Blackhole Shimmer on one of the patches. It was immense


Some have more parameters than others

I noticed the Room Verb has like 10+ parameters but the Deep Verb has only 5 (including Wet : Dry)



Seems like a step in the right direction at least. Sucks that most hardware comes with lame or mediocre fx. Not a problem if you have a minimal setup, but if you have a bunch of synths/samplers/Guitar and have to juggle pedals etc around all your gear it can be a drag.

Be good to see how things are looking in a few years. Ideally Synths/samplers coming with fx suites as broad/varied as Roland SP sampler fx options and comparable quality to vst. Would make certain workflow stuff way more convenient/fun…


Certainly would. Not to mention saving space and I/O - my constant battle.


@Cocker and any DM12 owner, please shoot your demos, even if it’s just an ambient patch or to show how the reverb sounds like it was done for dub techno !


Deffo. The fx side I hadn’t given much though on this, but I can see more reaching out and sourcing fx designers from respected names, as opposed to doing em in house (if that’s how it’s done) in a kind of, add on for the sake of it being there fashion… saying that I don’t mind cheap fx over none. : )


There’s one on my instagram page

Just a quick snap using my phone

Bonus cats too


Klark Teknik are really well renowned. Stuff like the DN780 and the DN-50 spring reverb.


I did some classic patch juno - jupiter style just for fun.
Deepmind demo

Really like this synth.


Thank you very much !!
You really manage to show the inner character of the synth, it’s by far the most informative demo I’ve heard !!