Behringer Synth [Deepmind 12]


Hilarious viewing.


Yup that’s a quality rant right there.


I don’t deny this probability.

That said, I looked at Sweetwater’s product photos for the 12 and 6, and while the alignment issue is less pronounced as on this user’s unit, the keybed spring visibility appears to be standard (on both!), unfortunately.:


Eh- if I were to get a DM, I’d get the desktop module anyway. That IS crazy about the keybed, but not surprising to me- it seems like such a misc feature to me that I forget its part of a 1k product


the Deepmind is fickle on the previews - i mean to say, some previews make me fall in love with the sound, others make me wonder what was i thinking about.


The very first batch of the DM12 (which I got one from) had some nasty issues with the springs resonating all over. It sounded like people had run around the factory floor finding old springs to fit in the keybeds. On the subsequent manufacturing runs, Behringer glued on a felt/strip that dampened the sound from the springs. A ghetto fix.

A lot of units had the keys hitting the metal when released, which obviously resulted in clacking sounds (on release, not when hitting the keys). They made a dodgy video showing what screws to remove underneath the unit and how to adjust the keybed. I remember a time when using a screwdriver on anything, in any way whatsoever, would void your warranty lol.

I wonder how long those two fans inside will make it. The larger fan inside my (2nd) unit had already started to rattle when I boxed it up and threw it into storage.

The guy in the video def made the right decision not to even bother with getting another unit.


I was thinking about the desktop DM12 a while back, but the PEAK is a beast. I’d prefer nab that now to be honest. Novation made a great synth.


I owned a DM12. Worked amazing for me. Lovely build quality. Just had to let it go as couldn’t justify having more than one keyboard

I got contacted by the buyer a couple months later asking for purchase invoice as one of the voices had failed!

From my experience though, I’d buy again. Don’t like the sound of the Peak and the other great sounding synths are considerably more expensive.




It’s definitely used. The fingerprints were a giveaway, the preset halfway through and the MIDI local off were the clincher.


Yes it was probably a demo unit or a customer return, but the keybed issue is most likely a manufacturing issue and possibly the reason it was returned by the original purchaser. I am not surprised TBH but I am surprised that we have not seen more of this kind of problem given Behringer’s past form.


I got a new Analog Rytm from gear4music last year. they’re usually brilliant and I’ve bought loads of gear off em but the Rytm had blatant signs of quite heavy use.

fingerprints and oily gunk all over the faceplate, encoders and trigs. the contents of the box squashed back in, and the foam was on the wrong way around.

they assured me it was new. clearly a return / demo model.

their customer service is very good tho so I would say it was an honest mistake and just slipped thru the net.

ooh I jus found the photos of it. straight out of the box, the state of it…


Yes that was definitely ‘lived in’


Right! I can’t believe how he created this entire theory based on the word of gear123


Too much time alone with only synths for company


although i do like the Peak, i think the Deepmind is a gorgeous sounding synth all the same.

that said, if i had a choice of that or the vintage Super Jupiter combo, would choose the favour of the vintage :slight_smile:

different pricerange tho


Deepmind 12D now in stock at


Juno have one on demo in the show room :heat:


For those interested in the Deepmind, apparently the new RRP is a ridiculous £760! £710 or so for the desktop. That is insane value.

Enjoyed having a DM12 - tempting to pair one up again with the OT.


Maybe the last guy sent it back