Behringer Model 15

With the magical ladder filter


Is this an announcement, that they’re about to ship, or gear in progress ? ( It’s talked about in that mega-thread somewhere. )

Unless it’s a product ready to ship, the haters are going to complain about you starting a thread on this. ( I am not complaining. )

Lol is that moog grandmother. Fuckin hell they really don’t give a single fuck do they hahaha


So, it’s called a Model 15, but it copies the Grandmother? Huh? For the record, the Moog 55 was still five years in the future when Switched on Bach was released. I am certain Wendy Carlos would have been thrilled to have the more stable 921 oscillators than the 901s on here 3P. Let’s hope their clones are more accurate than their historical knowledge.


Whatever this is it’s one of the one’s that has me most interested. This and the Proton, and maybe one of the ten other semi-modulars they’ve announced, i am trying to recall.


Man, Moog must hate these guys.


I think its worth sharing the Moog Model 15 so you can sort of a do a comparison

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Probably more annoyed than anything.
People who want a Moog will buy a Moog.
People who can’t afford a Moog will buy these, they weren’t going to buy a Moog anyway.
They’ll play it and still dream about having a Moog. This will be a constant reminder that they still want a Moog someday. Maybe eventually they’ll have one.

There’s more to a synth than specs.

The execution, user interface, feel, and how you feel about it are just as important.

My friend who founded MakerBot always believed in free information. It forces people to do it better than their competitors if they want to stand out. Will you follow the trailblazer or will you follow the follower. It’s up to you.

When his co-owners of MakerBot wanted to close source everything, he sold his share and got out. Last I knew he was mostly just sailing around the world retired after like 30 or something :joy:


But isn’t Moog just a designer label? A name. Hes been dead quite a few years.

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True but I think they really haven’t lost it at all. The Grandmother and Matriarch are like Bob had designed them himself.

He must have passed on his secret keys (or sauce recipe) to those who carried on his legacy.


I wasn’t knocking the synth. It’ll be cheap and if their Model D is any indication, it’ll sound fine. I’ve recommended that one to a few people who couldn’t plump for the real thing - but always with the caveat that there are other slightly more expensive options, some of which come from Moog themselves. The presentation on the other hand smacks of dishonesty. It’s almost satirical.


$300 USD target price.

ADDED LATER : So looking at today’s announcement on their Facebook page, the target price is now $329. Inflation, or the reality of the actual manufacturing costs setting in, we don’t know. Still a nice price.


There ya go.

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The Behringer Poly D is my goto Bass. But the Model sounds fantastic too.


Having a degree in electronics gives me my own perspective. There are only so many ways to arrange components to manipulate electricity.

I feel like copyrighting circuit arrangements is like the wright brothers trying to copyright the physics of lift. It’s physics, the nature of things, it’s belongs to all of us.

Copying visual styles and names though, meh I wouldn’t do that.

At the same time, I still think it benefits Moog more than it hurts them.

Though we’ve been over all of this before in every other B thread, so I digress. Let’s just talk about the actual instrument right?


There is some good discussion relative this Model 15 in the Clone War thread.

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I was thinking of designing a mock model D and porting the controls (basically suspend the little B model D inside) from a B model D to make it like the real thing :joy:. Just a passing thought, no real plans as of now.

I would like a real one some day but who knows if that’s feasible for me.


If the world ever rights itself and I visit Phoenix again, I will be toting some synths to my friend’s studio for some fun. You will be invited to that session.


Just give me a heads up and I’ll be there :wink:


I’ll give you enough notice to put in your requests for which synths I should bring… :wink: