The Behringer Gear-in-progress Thread

Amazing sound.

What is this a miniclone of?

EMS Synthi AKS

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about 4 different retro or synth accounts have shared this photo in the last few weeks, seems to just be making the rounds imo. I think B is planning on making a 6op synth but I don’t think they even have a mockup yet

@sabana has wisely started a Model 15 thread, with the new video from Behringer.

Early post here with detail on the Model 15.

Our LM DRUM final prototype is ready for testing. We’re super excited about this machine. What do you think?


Trolololo :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I think I want it.

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Behringer should send me one so I don’t have to buy it.

The screen is ridiculously too close to an Elektron product,
you really do not know how to devote just two hours to do something for you from time to time? I’m not primary anti-B, I even have a product from you.I don’t mind cloning old machines like many others do.The swing or that kind of screen detail is really tiring, it completely cuts me off from even trying.

In my opinion, the white-edged buttons that you used here and on other boxes are not very elegant and create a wobbly feeling on the general interface which is reminiscent of an old era.

It appears to be the same multi FX they’re using in their mixers (I own one). Those effects are pretty bland to be fair. But then again, a lot of the spin fv-1 based modular effects are pretty bland too. So, as far as cheap multi effect modules goes, this could be a good choice for some.

I thought the display was a copy/paste job, for prototype imaging purposes. :man_shrugging:

(This might have come across as trolly, which wasn’t my intention… Let’s all be nice to one another, mmkay?)


Ahhh, the plagiarism continues…


It’s not close. It’s identical.

They’re just trolling you. Take a look at buttons and knobs. They aren’t meant for this user interface.


No -/+ on the Tune knob though. Used the old DT OS gui, the sillybillys.

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Are we going to call it BinDrum?


A photo of the original for comparison.

You load new samples via USB.

I guess the display is LCD with an Amber backlight. OLED might be better, but this will work. They have added more controls to the front panel. And from the text on the front you can choose 8 or 12 bit ?

Good they have all those individual outs like on the Linn Drum.

Syntakt XT

these graphics tho and I guess the faders are also modulators and a multi control surface, this a+b (labeled “left/right”) design on 16 different faders could be a great way for multiple scenes, really fading thru the instruments with like 8 fingers down.


i wonder how the encoders / sliders map to the parameters on the display.
as its got cursor keys , i hope its not moving a cursor around to change it.

the encoder arrangement on elektron boxes… and how they match the screen has been a very good long running UI/control method.

personally i’d prefer a modern box/overlay for what is basically a 12bit multi output sample based drum machine. i dont care about LM/Ye Olde historic stuff and horrible brown lines and font… just call it a proper behringer name .