Behringer K2

Looks like an ms20 clone.
about time, was a bit disappointed at the prices of the OG or mini…
“ready to ship, we’re just warming up”
not much fanfare, which is also nice.


Looks like they had to drop a 0 from the name:


It will be interesting to hear if it sounds like the OG. I don’t want that mini ish. And I hope that the built quality is as good as the Boog.

I think they should focus on the things that arent readily available. Looks like they just want to mess with Korg with this clone.

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16 voice poly chain! :rofl:

Go on, who’s gonna be the first to buy 16 of these puppies.


Hell yeah! Count me in. The MS20 is my favourite monosynth and I miss it like crazy but I can’t justify an extra set of minikeys that doesn’t have a midi out.

Edit: it’s v/Oct!

Edit2: it’s not v/Oct.

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I kind of agree. But despite its status as an icon, I don’t like/have room for the original’s or even the mini’s form factor. And I can’t justify spending the amount necessary for a used 20m.

Has there been any mention of the CV scaling? If the K-20 is using the more common V/Oct that would be another argument pro Behringer.

Sure, it’s a clone of something available. As such it’s a) a little boring in light of all the interesting rare synths that deserve a reissue, b) slightly annoying and c) continuing a potentially dangerous (in the long run) trend of dumping prices. While nice in the short term this might suck profits out of a healthy market and, as seen in other markets, starve especially the “middle class” of both devices and manufacturers.

Will I get one despite all of this? Well, maybe.

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@senor-bling it seems so.
@Anfim mind sending your source? I can’t find it…

Meh, I’ve got an original MS20 ;p
Thanks Behringer, why not make something new and interesting instead of another clone?


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A bit dull? I guess if it is £299 then probably sell well, but weird that they did not even bother to add any mods like PWM, LFO range, VCO outputs and any other common MS-20 mods.

Hopefully it will have full cc control though, the ms-20mini midi spec is basic at best.


That’d be cool. But I highly doubt it judging by their other recent clones. None of those had more than a very basic Midi implementation.

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Zero chance of any additional midi and rightly so - having a 2nd filter in a eurorack format at that price £265 with better build quality than the Korg (which I freqin’ love despite the quality and VCA thumps)

On balance i’d want the device in the classic chassis, but this has a more legible panel and whilst i doubt it’s rocking v/oct it would surely be quite a convincing reason to jump on it

Note there’s no output for modulation (and no wheel CV) - there is no clarification : ADDITIONAL MIDI on this - it could have had an assignable out as per Neutron, but clearly has none

Not what it is all about - it’s a VCO VCF VCA and all the fun of the korg filter is in the nuance of the potentiometer in your hand

It’s great! sold the Mini ms20, bought 2 Neutrons and can‘t be happier!
now it’s more Buchla like and I really don‘t miss the wobbling Knobs and permanent noise on the VCA which is really not cool

but I miss the filter and the external signal processor so thx to behringer I can just rack it up in line with the neutrons :innocent:

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Funny, I kind of like the ms20mini imperfections (my knobs don’t seem to wobbly though) it is raw, dirty and cheap, if it was food it would be a Pot Noodle Bombay Badboy :joy:

Next to my ms10 the ms20mini is worlds apart, although the 10 is even filthier with deeper bass, this was also the case with the og ms20 too though.


i know exactly what you mean and it’s great for some distorted wildness and rawness but I like the crystal clear voices and overlapping notes with both neutrons.
and the Full playable range of the oscillators
i was really impressed by Korg that they were doing a reissue and I was extremely bounded to the monotribe sound at this time

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btw I guess it’s glow in the dark paint on the K2 which would be really cool

Sorry, no proper source for that one, just rumours. A lot of the press info does say ‘eurorack compatible’ so I’d say that’s a big hint.

Cool to see both filter types available via a switch as well! This plus a Neutron will make a very fun modular playground.

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Does this mean I can’t plug my midi keyboard into this thing and play it? Do I need some modular gear or something?

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yes, of course keys will work - just no added midi functionality as per the critique above