Behringer K2

This might be the one behringer synth I buy (for now). Been thinking about having an analog mono synth on my desk and was actually just looking at an ms 20 mini the other day. Wow. Didn’t think this would drop so soon.

corrected my ambiguous line - ps the control by midi may well be restricted in the way that the mini Korg is to a sweet spot of 3 octaves with wiggle room either side before the tuning falls to pieces due to the nature of the Hz/V setup

They say this is a clone at circuit level - given it also has both filter types, the screamy and the creamier then it is a no brainer -also my favourite synth voice - especially because of its quirks, it sounds alive and has the best resonance of any filter imho - it’s a great semi modular design and super flexible - all this lacks is a way to support a ‘modulating’ wheel - perhaps they have baked in some pitchbend support via midi


I had the chance to get the MS20M from Korg with all the mods included so im not interested but i think its nice to have (a probably better) alternative. Had the Ms20 mini but didnt like the build quality unfortunately so i’ve bought the rack version

EDIT : The Ms20 is probably my favorite analog mono. To me its the sounds of underground
80 electro new wave from England and Germany ex : DAF , Der Plan, Liaisons Dangereuses, KaS Product etc.

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I said it before but I think the Neuron is the most interesting analog Behringer has made, these cookie cutter clones don’t do much for me personally, although the one exception might be the Pro-One, still I’m not their target market :rofl:


Mostly agree but if that mono/poly clone ever comes out I’m going to be all over that!

@avantronica yeah shame they couldn’t squeeze in a wheel. One of my fav MS20 tricks is assigning the wheel to VCO2 pitch, lots of beating drones to be found in those small pockets when it’s pitched right down. I guess an attenuverter that sends constant voltage will do the job (anyone know if the Neutron attenuator works this way?)


That would be totally fantastic. I think that would sell it to me.

So far their boxes have minimum cc stuff , mostly just to alter/config things rather than filter , envelope , Lfo midi cc’s.

This seems a little odd as korg are making modern versions which are easily available but i’ll Look at reviews etc.

Maybe I should use the iOS app too , it probably sounds very good

The ms 20 mini gets a bad rap but idk why

I think it’s a bit noisy , and many people don’t like mini things.

Food portions
Pay cheques


Also you leave skirts outta your list!


Yes it has midi input. On the front panel. Will be controllable via midi for keyboard and pitch bend.

and it should also feature USB midi and the Input/Output Board on the back

The Model D and Neutron also support modulation via midi too.


I agree with what others have already said, this is a bit dull. The Neutron seems really cool! All these copies of old gear just doesn’t excite me at all.
I own an MS20, its an original with the first generation filter. it still sounds amazing, but due to its age, and condition when I got it, it is unreliable, and one VCO struggles to hold pitch. I know price is a huge factor, but honestly, if I didn’t own an MS20 and was to buy one, I would not buy an original, I wouldn’t buy an MS20 mini, I wouldn’t buy the full size Kit, and I certainly wouldn’t buy the behringer copy (simply because every behringer product I bought in the past, did not last very long before developing faults, malfunctions, or burning out )

If I wanted to buy an MS 20, I would buy this

Behringer will no doubt sell shed loads of all these MS20 copies. Just like guitar companies that make copies. Everyone I know that had an Encore strat as a kid, they all bought a Fender strat soon as they got a job.

How much is this? Is it hard to put together for someone who has no experience with this stuff?

It was nearly 1k USD and is now discontinued

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I read some where they will do another production run at some point. You are only assembling the case, knobs and fixings. No soldering required.


K2 it is then

Never had Behringer but I hear the newer build qualities are much better. People rave about the Boog in particular