Behringer thread off-topic

Uli speaking here, should we stop production because you have one?


Do what ever you like. Its just a question.

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Behringer are just filling a void in the market that users have been asking for, for over two decade’s. And at price point’s no one could have imagined, what’s wrong with that?

I have the ms20 mini and the build quality is a frigging joke compared to say Behringer Neutron…Korg really dropped the ball with that one and Roland? Pff they’ve been MIA since the late 90’s…

Are you loosing money on this?

If not, why are you not happy for thousands of people as they can get an affordable, cool analog synths finally in their setups…

There’s already a place for discussing Behringer’s business ethics, we don’t need to have the same complaints on every single product thread.


That was THE best video i’ve ever seen !! OMG

so SO good. really inspirational. Like total expression. Really free. OPEN.

Thanks for posting this.

Please post more.

Lmao okay Mr cheeky :stuck_out_tongue:

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Doesn’t take much to get flagged here eh?


Posting against the guidelines is all it takes.
Responses to posts against guidelines are also against the guidelines, especially when off topic.

Have you read the guidelines lately?


have you read the recently moved and flagged posts?

I have read the logs.

Please do read the guidelines. Their adherence is required for participation here.

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They were totally off topic, IMO. So now need to take offense if they were flagged or moved.

I believe you were asked to have a read at the Guidelines. Please do.