The Behringer synth fx thread

Same here! Everybody is talking about the upcoming clones, but a tweakable effect processor would be awesome. Haven’t heard any news about it.


Just so it’s clear to anyone wondering what this is – it’s Maelstorm, which in short description was to be:

An Analog and Digital Desktop FX Processor with 4 TC ELECTRONIC FX Engines, MIDAS Microphone Preamplifiers and 6 x 6 USB/Audio Interface

Sounds to me a collection of already existing Behringer pieces put together in one box.

List of Features of Behringer Maelstorm
  • Record, transform, tweak your synthesizer, guitar or vocals and bring your audio to life using the ultimate in analogue and digital signal processing
  • 4 simultaneous world-class TC ELECTRONIC and KLARK TEKNIK FX featuring over 30 algorithms with incredible integrated modulation matrix
  • 2 high quality, professional MIDAS microphone preamplifiers with instrument input, high-pass filter and phantom power
  • 6 x 6 channel USB/Audio/MIDI interface (Class 2.0 compliant) for highest signal integrity
  • Multiple classic analog distortion circuits add character and warmth ranging from subtle glow to grimy filth
  • Stereo VCF using legendary 3320 based filter design, low/high/band-pass modes, frequency and resonance controls for immense sound sculpting possibilities
  • Excels at stand-alone operation or part of a DAW based system, combining 4-channel analog and 6-channel USB I/O with extensive side-chain and routing options
  • Stereo FX send and return channels for enhanced DAW integration over ultra-low latency USB/Audio Interface
  • Insane vortex of modulation featuring 3 ADSR generators, 2 LFOs, 32-step Control Sequencer and MIDI to warp both analog and digital effect parameters in real-time
  • 6 endless rotation potentiometers, each with high resolution OLED display for precise control of all parameters
  • Create powerful parameter macros allowing multiple parameters to be controlled from a single rotary, MIDI controller or external CV via the modulation matrix
  • Full color LCD display with encoder for rapid parameter editing and program selection
  • Integrate with modular systems using assignable, external CV & trigger input and outputs
  • Fully servo-balanced stereo line outputs for highest signal integrity
  • 2 footswitch/expression pedal inputs, assignable to mod matrix or control functions
  • Comprehensive MIDI implementation including NRPN/CC control of all parameters and bulk load/save

Now this information is all 19 months old. Far as i’m aware there has been no more word and no pictures.

Article in Synthanatomy

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What I don’t get is wtf I’d actually OUT yet? I keep hearing (and seeing videos) about their 808 and 909, ms101, many others but they don’t seem to be available yet? A buddy of mine wants to get into synths and I recommended the ms 101 but was confused to not see it for sale. And the RDs were supposed to come out back in March?

Very confusing.

see… now I actually was giving them enough credit to think they were doing something innovative by ripping off a software synthesizer for once. by which I mean Reason’s Malström graintable synth, of course.

how silly of me. :man_facepalming:

Thomann got the 101 in stock in all colors, but it’s called MS-1 now. And also got the Odyssey as pre-order for september. No sign of 808/909 tough

The K-2 (Behringer’s MS-20 like desktop) is about to ship.

Nick at Sonic State seems a little surprised by this. Apparently he has not been reading the posts here – we all talked about it back in April.

So here’s another synth, along with the Odyssey, that Behringer has just dropped out of the sky without a lot of upfront hype.

ADDED: Here’s the thread on Elektronauts.

Pro-1 and Crave nearly ready to ship from Thomann

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I’ll wait till the bugs are ironed out and see if an obvious feature everyone is expecting has been implemented or bizarrely missed.

The pro1 in theory should be ok as they haven’t ‘enhanced’ it

I expect the crave will have issues with midi / sequencer.

Pretty sure it’s the same sequencer as in the Arp Brodyssey and Broland 101.

Though I do need to see if ms1 is ok with recent fixes.

I’m a bit reluctant to assume if one of the devices is ok then the others are fine too.

Seems to me like behringer is struggling with the digital side of their products. But also seems like they are trying to make things right. RD-8 got a bugfix update already, and its not even available in some parts of the world yet.

But yeh, if behri starts ripping off the small devs, and especially if the stuff is still relatively new, that’s not OK.

So following the WING digital mix console announcement and a “maybe/maybe not” tease on the Wasp, everyone is snooping around Behringer looking for clues. Synthanatomy is reporting on a list of trademarks Behringer have acquired recently.

Blue Marvin (a reference to the ARP 2600)
Source (not sure is this the Moog Source?)
Logan (probably for the Logan String Melody)

Now a company can apply for all sorts of trademarks, and that doesn’t mean they are all defensible but it’s a good indication of intent.

Add this to all the other products mentioned earlier in this thread. That there is a raft of products on the way is to be expected, given all the hiring of engineering staff Behringer did earlier this year.


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behringer should start a build-a-synth concept. if you know build-a-bear, you know what I mean. If you dont, its a shop where kids build their own teddy bear station by station, determaning what components it should have.

that, my friends, would be the most epic thing ever.

imagine having a template layout (faceplate), configurable in how many and what kind of oscillators, what filters and so on. Awesomeness

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so called „Eurorack“


kind of true. but without the cables and options. some people want it that way

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so called „M-Bus“

Apparently there’s something else on the way:

The Blue Marvin? That’s my guess in that Korg is getting the rumor out for their own 2600.

Thomann listed their best selling synths by unit volume for 2019.
(I’ve edited the list slightly, as for instance, they considered the three different colors of the Behringer MS-1 as different synths – all three colors made the list, Black top, followed by Red, and then Blue. The MS-1 would be further up the list if these got lumped together.)

Two thirds of the top twelve best sellers are all Behringer. I guess this is only slightly surprising, Behringer does make inexpensive synths, and i guess low price is what sells units.

The list:

  • Behringer Crave
  • Behringer Pro-1
  • Behringer TD-3
  • Arturia Microfreak
  • Behringer K-2
  • Behringer Vocoder VC340
  • Behringer MS-1
  • Behringer Odyssey
  • Korg Volca Drum
  • Behringer RD-8
  • Korg Minilogue XD
  • Korg Volca Modular


Interesting that the VC340 scored so high on the list. Perhaps the same with the Odyssey too, though i am less surprised with this.

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They also have early exclusives with behringer so if anyone wants a new box quickly they buy from Thomann.

I’m surprised microfreak is so high considering the mixed comments on the other gear thread.

I’ve bought rd8, ms 1, td3 , all are generally good but a little more care would’ve made them great.