Arturia Minibrute 2 / 2S


Oh man that sounds terrible unfortunately


I don’t like the basic sound of the synth from what I heard so far either.
Just wanted to share more demo content


Thats a typical Minibrute presenter Problem. Most of them put the waveform mix Slider to the max and everything distorts terribly. Minibrutes gainstaging must be handled with great Care. Level Up to 50% are ok. Beyond it distorts.

Here it is proper used:

If i would choose one, i would get the Keyboard Version. Digitakt/A4 would add enough Sequencer CV Power.


Smiling here because this is almost exactly my thinking on why i’d get the 2S – i have lots of ways to do a larger keyboard interface, and with Eurorack having more performance playable sequencers is always useful. I have a Digitakt and an AK.

You are right too pulsn, the video examples you give here do sound nice, the first in particular (to me).


But i believe…this Kind of smooth Sounds can be done also with A4/AK…


I’m very interested in the Minibrute 2S. I like the harsh, distorted and edgy sounds you can get out of the Brutes. I thought about getting the Microbrute, but it seems that the MB2S has so much more over it that I might just save my money for a while.


I think the Micro’s little teeny patch port was inspiration for the MiniBrute 2_'s more robust patch panel.

For those with both a MicroBrute and a MiniBrute 2_ they certainly can gain from plugging them togetther. In a recent Sonic Talk episode 521, Yoad Nevo talked a lot about his moded Minibrute, with the keyboard removed and a MicroBrute put there in it’s place. No pictures unfortunately, but Yoad was on the edge of raving about how good it sounds. And there’s a guy with really no barrier to owning practically any sort of gear he may want, and a lot of taste.


I Sold my Mother 32 because i couldnt read the Patch Panel. Too tiny writing. I Wonder how tiny it will be on the MB2/2s


That’s a shame to hear, Ive always eyed up the m32 from a distance but tiny writing does my head in. Hmm


The Sequencer Interface was also too complicated for my taste. And it Sounds good! Really! But very Moog. If you want this, then try. If you dont Care for that Moog Sound, there are other imho better eurorack Synth voice modules. E.g. Intellijel Atlantis. If i could find one i would Go for a white Microbrute SE.


The writting is pretty small!

Sorry this is a little blurry, best image i could find. I think to a large extent i will just learn where they all are. They don’t move and change (like the encoder knobs on Mk1 Elektrons – i can’t read the tiny Elektron LCDs) so that’s good. The blue on gray (normalized connections) is a lousy choice, the contrast is terrible.

Seems to me it would be easy enough to make a laminated paper overlay that i could stick on. (The same would apply to the Moog Mother-32 and Moog DFAM.) I think some color would be good too. I do like the In/Out designation.

Heck a raised feelable interface would be possible too, for someone with very low-vision.

ADDED: Are there any graphic artists out there, with experience in designing readable ergonomic interfaces, that would care to design an overlay, that people could buy and print and stick on?


What’s the deal with the dual labels on some of the patch points, the white+blue ones?


Blue are normalizations


Blue on gray/black…killer. I hope they will make a Minibrute 2 SE with the alu finish from the Minibrute SE. Much better to read. And looking better too.


Yup I’ve wanted one for years but just don’t dig the sound, they all look like fun to use… but that sound doesn’t excite


Loopop did a really excellent (imo) video on combining virtual with real Eurorack. Hope you enjoy it.

This isn’t strictly on the Minibrute 2S – but uses the 2S extensively here along with the Rackbrute, and for good reason. It shows a bit about how well the Minibrute 2S can be combined with other stuff, which is something i had been wondering about.

This may just be me, but this is one of those videos that makes the virtual light bulb above my head shine just a little brighter.

Also shown in this video is the Expert Sleepers ES-8, the Motu 8A, along with VCV-Rack and Softube Modular and some other stuff.


Good review of both 2 and 2S (with a mention of the RackBrute).
Nick and Sonicstate do good impartial (usually) reviews.


Nice demo. Sounds great here.


Hey there,

it’s been a while that i posted a Video here. Dont want to bother you too much with my stuff, but: This one - i cant keep it from you!! :smiley:

All done with the Minibrute 2s only! Just added a Reverb to the high Frequencies and applied the usual Multiband Compression / Limiting.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Looks interesting but not that interesting enough for me to buy it :stuck_out_tongue: