Arturia Microbrute [was: "Arturia Macrobrute is coming"]

So I made the name up, but the hype is real. Consensus on the net seems to point to a two oscillator analogue synth.

Edit: apparently a Microbrute is also on the way… confusion sets in.

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Wow good price for what you get… With all these new affordable analogues there is gonna be a hardware resurgence that is for sure…

Official info,

I think the PolyBrute will be next.

Sonic state has a really good review.

No keyboard + rack mountable for $50 less and it would have been a winner IMHO.

I think the keyboard is cool -it’s a bit like the A4’s mini minikeyboard : just something to noodle on & importantly use with the sequencer. Speaking of which - I think this SH101 style seq is almost worth the cost alone - particularly like you can trig it one step at a time from the gate in. The fact that the LFO then clocks to the seq ( which itself can be clocked to MIDI / gate trigs ) gives you a patchable clocked LFO output…great for interfacing with other gear.
Cool little synth I think & it appears to be insanely good value for money. I need to try one.

Mine came today.

i really want one :slight_smile: very cheap too… but i’m only going to get one monosynth and i don’t know if i should make it this :frowning:
maybe i should start a modular…

Im torn between Microbrute or Moog Minitaur. Looking for small footprint bass synth alone. Anyone compared the two ? Microbrute is almost dirt cheap, almost half the price of Minitaur, but looking at review it looks like Moog has that instant bassy character to it.

Really digging Sascha Dives bass line

Hes been raping it on his new album aswell

It’s a toss up between the classic moog bass and versatility.

The moog - you know what your getting - will take you about 3 secs to dial up the types of bass you like.

The minibrute gives you more wave/mixing/mangling options, more modulation routings and sequencer - plus overdrive and a cv patch panel.

The brute has it’s own character of course.

The moog - set and go - can’t fail.
The brute - fiddling fun - rewards experiments.

I have Minitaur and had Microbrute.
They both are easy and joy to program. With Minitaur is definitelly faster to achieve massive low end territory. And the filter is so juicy.

But i am so angry i sold my MB. It is really fun synth. ALOT more variety in sound. Sounds more dirtier and kinda harder but it is lovely. Definitelly can make good basses, especially if you make electro music. If you wanna do sexy deep funky house music, get minitaur.
But if you want to make techno/electro sounds get MB.

MB has no memory for patches, but anyway, minitaur is really clumsy and frustrating in that feature. I dont even use that cause its such a pain in the ass.

If you have lower budget and dont need patch memory, but you just want to make sounds and have fun, choose MB. Only thing that can dissapoint you is patch memory, nothing else really… sounds really great but not “moog” sounding.

But if you wanna hear (and feel!) your speakers shake like never before, choose minitaur.
Practically no processing required to get super low end. Sometimes it feels that it can make only “classic” synth basses, but its awesome for chicago/detroit/acid basses. Theres nothing like it when you let sequence of minitaur play, and then tweak the filter, and then put it trough reverb/delay/chorus. Really pro sound.

But, i assure you that micro has its character also, and you wont regret your choice.

Thanks guys, to be honest, not that interested in one or the other, but both :smiley:

yes get the microbrute & minitaur… wonderful combo. Lots of ways to patch them together.

they go together well, and blend in with the A4 really really nicely

pad sound from the microbrute, and the echo/delay synth sound is coming from the minitaur. Strings from A4, percussion from OT

Ill get my MB back also…

Not the 2s, but as I was looking at the 2s on Amazon, I found a deal for a brand new Microbrute Red with analog lab 3 for $197.00. It looks like it’s gone up $5 since yesterday but it’s a pretty great deal for a brand new brute from amazon direct (not a third party). I chose overnight prime shipping and just got mine so I figured I’d share with the Nauts. I used to have a minibrute and miss that steiner parker filter and funky oscillator. This was an easy impulse buy.

Do you guys expect a microbrute 2 this year (or ever)? I badly want a microbrute but I don’t want to blow the money if an upgrade will be out in 2 months or whatever

meh, microbrute is a classic if you ask me. You could get a used unit in the meantime and sell it if a mk2 comes out.

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Hi guys! I tried to find Microbrute software Editor, no luck…
Is it the same with Midi control Center?

I believe so