Arturia Minibrute 2 / 2S



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This just made me feel remorse for bying the dfam…ha seems it does analogue drums pretty well with a tone more options…!


What I love about his videos like this is the way he demonstrates that pretty much any synth is ‘versatile’ and capable of playing the role of several instruments. And it’s all made possible through the old-fashioned goodness of recording multiple passes in order to make a complete track. So many Elektronauts could learn from these techniques. :rainbow:


Why not so much interest for the Brute 2? At least from the demos sounds powerful and interesting compared with version 1 who didn t do much for me.
Is it that different or it s just an illusion from the online demos?
Or it s not so much interest because of the price?


Tested it today in shop. Didn t really impress me, apart from the sequencer which looks awesome…


There’s a lot in this synth.


Did you know:?
Minibrute 2 core sound engine --Daft Punk were involved in revamping the sound with the engineers until the synth sounded just right
Better Music discuss this fact with the Auturia rep who smiles and does not confirm or deny at 3.40 mins
Mystery is always a selling factor/effective buzz machine!


While it does not capture every nuance and feature of a Buchla music easel, that is the only instrument I really could compare it to as I was exploring its features and auditory profile. Even comparing it to the Matrixbrute is a little difficult, because what the Minibrute 2S excels at, and what the Matrixbrute excels at are two very different things. They are both great instruments that share similar features and both feature Steiner-Parker filters, but they feel and sound very different. Some tweaks to the architecture here and there ended up making a huge difference in terms of sonic capabilities.

This is Arturia’s second great synth, and unlike the Matrixbrute is within reach of a far wider audience and easier to gig with.


So…what is other owners verdict?


Very impressed. I have owned the minibrute and the microbrute previously. This is something else.


regarding features, obviously. Soundwise?


I bought it for the sequencer and features thinking this thing won’t sound as good as my moog gm and neutron but they would all play well together. However ive been surprised at the sound. Some of the waveshaping stuff sounds really good. The comparisons to the buchla easel are appropriate as a total instrument and how far you can push it. And that sequencer!


You mean the MB 2s?

Whats the verdict of other owners after now a few months with the MB2? How does it blend in a mix? Will it get along with A4 or Peak?


Got a minibrute 2s today at guitar center new for 399. They’re all on sale! Went in for a drumbrute impact and the 2s wasn’t even on my radar. For that price I had to give it a shot. Amazing synth for the price!


I happened to pop in to a GC yesterday and saw that sale. Already have a 2s so no need for more but that is a steal for what it does. Great synth.


Doesn’t do anything for me, just meh. Going for the Pro-1 clone instead


Do you think the sale is in store only? The price is still normal online when I choose in store pick up for the 2/2S.


I would think so in terms of in store sales. I’m in Sacramento and they had the Minibrute 2 in stock. Usually GC doesn’t post the in store sales on line (I’m sure it has to do with MSRP).