Arturia Minibrute 2 / 2S



I dig it!


On their website it says : Come back tomorrow, we’ve got more exciting news. “Save the best ‘til last”, as the saying goes.

Some kind of linking feature, seems they have more exciting stuff coming.
I really like the added a sequencer and the modular possibilities…


Yea, looks dope !

Good specced monosynth with nice features :slight_smile: semi modular with many patchpoints & Link Support o.O


looks great. Had a microbrute and miss it a little :slight_smile:
The patch points and the keytep style sequencer are great.

Hoping for a microbrute in this style… Or a poly :wink:


Every mini needs a micro…?? I’m likely wrong but I can GAS


8 pattern memory is such a lame limitation imo.


Looks like some reviews up


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Arturia is still keeping stuff under their hat on this product – i guess the Minibrute 2 Landing is in a little over 15 hours – “to discover a new side to MiniBrute”

What if people talked in Marketingese all the time?



Does anyone know who the band is in their video?

The woman vocalist has a tremendous mysterious voice.

(I remember a discussion here about who the synth players were in a Matrixbrute announcement video near a year back.?


An analogue monosynth, holy cow I haven’t seen one in decades!! :confused:


Salvador Darlings


but only a few ones with such an extensive patchbay


Since the Beatstep Pro which was plagued with issues on release, and then the utter disappointment that was the DrumBrute, I have been wary of Arturia. They seem to cut too many corners…


The Audiofuse? Though to their credit they delayed its release to get it right. I think Arturia does pretty well. Or how about the Spark?


Can only speak for microbrute and keystep, they are both pretty awesome for the price.
I can’t stand the sound of the drumbrute demos


What’s wrong with the reverse cymbal? How many other analog drum machines have a reverse cymbal? 0
But if i gave you the choice between the Drumbrute and the Akai TomCat which would you take?


The Tombrute I guess.
Reverse Cymbals are outstanding to be honest