AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


This is a request for all Elektrons.

Loop the currently playing Page, and (in grid recording mode) Loop the currently selected page (once the sequencer comes around to it, if it is not already playing)

[Page + Yes] looks to be an open command not used for anything. (EDIT: or not! :wink: )
[Page + No] could suspend the command.


I do this manually, before I do a set… build in loops…
I used to do this live with my octatrack
then I changed this live routine to prepared loops in octatrack
I could do more wild things with it…

but yes, a recording trig one once, on the first beat
and then an adjustable loop length

would be nice


Ahem … :wink:




FWIW, and I don’t know if it could ever be possible, but if Elektron could offer sampling on the RYTM as a paid upgrade, I would buy it 100%. I love the Rytm MKI, the lack of sampling is perhaps the only thorn in its side.

Or as a trade-off, a simple, bare-bones Elektron Sampling app that could could tap OB outputs and throw the sample back to the Rytm in a snap, would be wonderful. I’d buy that too. I love Void’s SDS Drop, but I still have to muck about with a DAW elsewhere.


It’s not, ever [no ADC for inputs] … unless upgrading a MKi to a MKii counts as a ‘paid’ upgrade

Feature requests: Internal “re”sampling

scale is a must. cause otherwise its too hard to get melodies that make sense other than sheer luck


You can use more than luck!
Here is the major scale for example using the pads in chromatic mode, X pads are in the scale…
The pattern repeats for every octave (color) of pads:


yes but what we want is an option to select different scales and the Rytm would average the notes out to the closest thing along the scale selected


For sure, I acknowledge and support your requests…
Just thought I’d share an example since currently we don’t have that feature, and being a stranger in a far off land I have no idea if folks know how musical scales relate to the pads… :smiley:


-Multimap Mode for pattern triggering using MIDI notes! Come on!
-A better way to program fills.
-Paste pattern at the end of another pattern (or anywhere within another pattern)


+1 to multimap


Looks like we are getting a new synth engine at least :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity, what scales would you like to use?




MkII looks great! Analog clock in via the CV inputs would be a fantastic addition. That single feature would likely make AR the brains of my whole studio.


TrigMutes… Would lovelovelove if steps that had trigmutes on them were identifiable in rec mode without having to press trigmute button to see them… Maybe a rapidly flashing LED, or dimmed LED or something…


Please add a preference to preview samples without passing through the master FX section like on Octatrack… if I’ve got a load of distortion across the loaded kit, I may not want to hear every sample through it…


Not possible due to the voice architecture - look at manual signal flow


Would it not be possible to create a workaround in the software where if playback is stopped and you are in the sample menu it is covertly using something like a performance macro to push all global effects to default values?