AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


Two ideas:

  • LAST conditional trig: triggers when this trig is played for the last time before the next chained pattern starts

  • Display the kit name somehow of the selected pattern when holding BANK+PATTERN – this would be quite useful to find/confirm the songs you’re loading in a live settings when you’re unsure of which pattern it’s stored at


I think this can be done with mk2
With the extra button (next to extra perf knob) on top…


Trig conditions:

  • 1 >2 >3 … > 8 : Trigs if count is higher than number

  • <1 <2 <3 … :wink:

  1. Would be handy when jamming if when switching patterns the mute state would be recalled, as it is i’m pretty sure you can only have it so the mutes carry over to the new pattern. :frowning: Could even have this as an option so you can have both mute behaviours.

  2. Add a MIDI CC for fill parameter.

  3. Would be nice if you can make program changes behave in direct jump fashion, not only sequential… These currently only work using the Rytm hardware controls. I seem to remember this one coming up before but figure I’d mention it again.

Ps. There should be a feature request subforum, its difficult to see how elektron can track suggestions or users being able to debate pros / cons of an idea.


Is there a way to load kit faster on a pattern? I usually go to FUNCTION + KIT and then i have to scroll until the kit i want and then press ok. It’s too long, would be nice to change kit by using a shortcut like FUNCTION + KIT + Right Arrow (or left arrow) to navigate thru the kits and at the same time, the kit is apply to the pattern in live. You can very quickly change the mood of track and test many kits as you wish.


Unfortunate that there is no Overbridge kit Load/Browser as that would probably be a little speedier.

Otherwise, the only other way would require some timely setup, and some pattern memories;
Go to an empty pattern, load a kit, place a single trig anywhere (can be a trig-less lock even)
Repeat on another empty pattern with a different kit, again, place a trig,

Now, go back to your actual pattern, copy pattern.
Paste pattern into one of the single trig patterns you just made.
Want to change kit? Load another one of the new single trig patterns, then paste pattern.

Not elegant, but a possible solution, none the less.

  • a shortcut to change kit on the fly will be perfect.
  • The ability to copy several kits to another project in the same way we selected several tags when we save a sound.


An option to load the digital noise machine to the sample section, replacing the sample page of that track instead of the synth page.

This would allow us easy layering of synth and noise using only one track, and they’d go through the same filter/amp, to be more like one sound…


Visual LFO rate feedback. For example when you are on LFO page Tempo led start to represent current LFO rate and possibly waveform (with brightness)


I would really love to see an arpeggiator implemented on the Rytm. It’s one of my favorite ways to make rhythms on the OP1 that I wouldn’t otherwise create and I think it would be awesome if the Rytm had one. Two different kinds would be very useful for me, one on the chromatic page that works like you’d expect from any other arpeggiator, but then another type where it makes an arpeggio pattern out of whichever track pads you’re pressing.

Pretty please :cool:


+1. I’m always impressed with the melodic (and bassline) synth sounds I can get from Rytm. Arp would be an excellent addition.


I’m sure its been asked before but a global filter, just before main out. I suppose one can hook up an external effect, would be cool to control it through scenes or performances though.


Pattern mutes. Should be a fairly straightforward addition and has probably been mentioned somewhere in this thread already.


You could use a performance macro affecting all track filters to simulate a global filter


Throwing my voice into the noise: I’d love to see some more synth options for the Tom section. I find myself underusing those synths as I can’t get a whole lot of flexibility out of those engines. (Also would love to hear some tips on how I’m doing it wrong).


Yeah but its not the saaame :frowning: In some cases i’d have to automate the filter type as well which messes with the sound as well.


Yeah true. It also wouldn’t work the best if you use the filter on individual tracks as part of the sound design.


Keytracking for the filter would be really wonderful, especially when using the impulse machine with high resonance to “play the filter.” Useful on really any sound though. You can kind of fake it with P-locks but it’s not the same as banging out a melody in chromatic mode.

Speak of chromatic mode, I believe the Rytm would greatly benefit from a scale mode. Please. It would be so much fun, and you could reach an octave without shifting the page. I would use this all the time.

I agree that more options for the toms would be awesome. Even just a very simple synth that was designed for melodic sounds. The toms can do this alright but the decay lessens the higher your note is. Use the Tom machine’s oscillators (oscillator?) to create a synth that doesn’t have this decay limitation, with different waveforms if possible. Even just sine waves would be useful for me! Maybe this steps on the A4’s toes but I think it would be great. An FM tom machine would be really incredible :aw:

Not sure if it they’ve got more than one oscillator on the tom tracks, which it would obviously need for FM. Just a thought.

I’d also like to see more “Dusty” machines. I really like the dusty kick.

EDIT: Oops! Yeah. Silky. Not dusty. I have an impeccable memory, if you couldn’t tell.


Where are you finding these ‘dusty’ machines? I have no ‘dusty kick!’


it’s silk bd, has dust parameter