AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


Control all, DT style inkl. Reload all DT style

Or did i miss something?


Reload is there
No + kit


That‘s great!
But not exactly what i want …


I since realised this is mostly possible (not anywhere exactly but close) by using the Copy/Paste Page function.

Still, Multimap mode and a better way to do fills is needed!


You could use a macro to simultaneously sweep the filters of all tracks?


By Macro, do you mean the Scenes/Performance controls?


Some sort of pressure-meter, could be a small dotted line on the side, to get an idea how intense the performance-buttons are pressed! Sometimes I push them too hard - I guess.


Sorry, yeah that’s what I meant. It would be nice if we could use the knobs for macros as the pads do not have a lot of range/ depth to them.


I realised this is the one thing I miss the most in a drum machine. It kind of hurts seeing the super cheap Volaks can do it but the Ar can’t… It’s what sold me on the Maschine too. I suppose you could set up a similar effect with a bit of programming but you would need to use up a bunch of pattern slots… just being able to hold a button and hit on a step to jump or retrigger it would be awesome.


what you miss what you talking about?


Hold a button and hit on a step to jump there or retrigger it .


Instead of conditional trigs, make conditional sub-sequences. So when it gets activated, its a whole sequence of trigs in the space of 1 trig on the top level set of trigs. Then let the sub-sequence also have conditional sub-sequences so you end up with inception style sequencing.


Advanced sampling feature too!!! i’m agree with you, and a live sampling machine like the ram/play feature from the MD, i didn’t find the way the ARMk2 is sampling very efficient, okay i have the beast about 4 days and it’s probably early to say that, but it’s a bit frustrating to be forced to edit the record before load it to track, i want a live sampling!!!


Velocity as an LFO destination!!!

Feel like this is the biggest missed trick on the Rytm, as the velocity mod assignments are so powerful and not being able to assign velocity to the LFO seems crazy to me with the VEL MOD options in mind


+11 :slight_smile:


Every single time i go to assign it on the LFO it baffles me as to why it’s not there!! I tend to send VEL mod to it from Cirklon, but being able to do it within the machine + write the LFO modulation into the ‘SOUND’ on the Rytm would make patch bank creation even better


Just recently I’ve turned off velocity to volume and have been using the velocity dial on the trig page as a mod depth…
Today I have OT sending lfo’s to velocity and aftertouch and I’m flipping between the two mod pages experimenting… :slight_smile:


I have been doing very similar! I’ve even then reapplied velocity to amp volume, but with a much smaller range. Find that helps to get around AR’s all or nothing velocity sensitivity


Feature requests:

  1. (MK1/MK2) I would really like there to be a track select option in the settings that allows you to select a track by simply tapping a pad (Bypassing the ‘TRK select’ button). I think this would make it easier to make quick changes to sounds and also make it more accessible during a performance (less shortcuts). I believe Maschine has got this workflow by default. I understand that you might not always want to have that on, so maybe there could be a toggle switch in the menu to enable/disable the track select button. Unless there is already a way of doing it?!

  2. (MK2 only) Some sort of sample slicer that detects the transients based on ‘sensitivity’ setting and makes it easier to chop the audio clips…or perhaps a selectable sampler ‘algorithm’ that moves every lockable step (out of the 127) closer to the transient for more ‘percussive’ sample locking. The way it works now is not bad at all, but this could be a nice addition!

BTW. I’m loving all the LFO modulation ideas and advanced sampler feature req @D-Struct @Karma


P-locks chromatic note of à track (function plus pad in chromatic mod) with paramètres like; sample slot, filter fréquence, or sample start/end point,

and à C sound can be really différentes to à D sound