Anyma Phi

I just got emailed about it today, so this must have been pretty last minute

If anyone is looking there’s a Phi for sale on the aodyo forums.


There’s a minor firmware update available. No new audio features, but midi & UI features, and bugfixes. Developer described it as a beta, but safe to use, and in any case, easy to roll back.

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Thanks bibenu for finding out about that release.

But you buried the lead didn’t you ? From Aodyo’s response to you :

This was a minor release with mainly bug fixes, but we’re preparing a much bigger one that should be out around December.

“Much bigger”, means to me new features. So we’ll see what that includes, but there are a few things on the list that have been discussed upthread.
Arpeggiator ?

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Arpeggiator would be good but I’m more interested in features that expand the physical modelling toolset, like the promised ‘meta-Exciter’ and comb-filter. Also would like to see an oscillator that can be morphed from sine through triangle, square, saw … which could be part of a wave table osc, I suppose.


Surprised that I’ve found a really versatile paraphonic ‘piano’ by routing the kick through a modal resonator. Lots of variation possible. Haven’t finished tweaking yet, but will share here if there’s any interest.


That’s great idea.

The NTS-1 is on sale today too.

HW Deals Thread

What’s coming next: Aodyo Community — Nothing really happens...

In the beginning of next week, we’ll release an intermediary v0.8.107 that comes with bug fixes and improvements […]

The next big update will come a bit later, and will propel the Anyma Phi into v1.0 territory.
It will include […] almost everything we had ever planned in the Kickstarter, and then some.


Thanks for posting this. I ordered mine yesterday so now I’m even more eager with the upcoming updates.

For those who want to beta test the next firmware version, it is available here:
Anyma Phi v1.0 public beta available


Wow !!!

Jaw hits floor …

Stunning update. And perfect timing as mine just arrived from Thomann to the States. This is going to be a ton of fun beta testing the new update over my holiday break. Nice one, Aodyo!

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Anyma Phi: Version 1.0 Sneak Peek:
Version 1.0 Sneak Peek


The only reason that I don’t have the Anyma Phi is the interface. As I use linux, it’s not possible to get the editor. Linux version of it would be great.

Does It run under Wine ( or such like ) ?

Good on you trytykee, BTW.

ADDED : The other thing would be if there was a spec that would allow you to create your own editor for Edisyn. I know that @bibenu knows a little about Edisyn.

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Thanks for mentioning Edisyn, I wasn’t aware of this and its stochastic features look very nice!
I’m not sure it would be able to dynamically change its interface to match each module’s type though. If it does, then yes, in theory you could make Edisyn support the Anyma, if only by sending and receiving NRPNs.

But a maybe quicker path would be to be able to run the editor on Linux.
I develop the Windows version of the editor on a Mac, by cross-compiling with mingw, and to test it I use three strategies, ordered by “ease of use”: run it with wine, run it inside a Windows VM, or run it on an actual PC.
So most of the time when dealing with the Windows editor I am using the same tools a Linux user would.

The wine option is a good thing to try, and the VM option works very well.
As the editor is developed with JUCE, I could theoretically cross-compile for Linux as well, but with all the different choices (alsa or jack, etc) and possible architectures, I’m afraid it would take too much time to do a working version, and then to maintain it over time, compared to the number of potential Linux users we would have and the relative pressure we have on other feature requests.
But if the wine or VM option don’t work reliably for people, and if a few people with Linux and an Anyma are willing to test, we could think about giving it a shot in the future.


Welcome to Elektronauts, @join :slight_smile:

Hello @bibenu!

@trytykee: For some reason I can’t send you a private message. If you want to discuss how to run the editor on Linux, send me one if you can, or contact me by mail.

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