HW DEALS : Hardware on Sale

Print the name of the Machine on the T-shirt, new trend.

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Novation Circuit Rhythm £269.99 (excludes US)


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That’s an excellent price, they go for around that second hand on eBay!

And £255 at Thomann


The tracker is even cheaper at Thomann, at 444 euro’s.


The Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 is on sale. This is a KORG sponsored sale ( at least in the USA ). It’s now $100 with free shipping, which is $20 off.

I see the deal at B&H, zZounds, Russo Music, Woodwind & Brasswind, Adorama, Chuck Levin’s, Musicians Friend, Guitar Center, American Musical, MeMeAntenna, etc.

Great to add in as an inexpensive, versatile extra sound source.


Good find! I just share my newsletters coming in, I don’t look for gear myself at the moment so I do no need to compare personally.

Happy shopping

PS: cheaper yes, but still -444EUR on the balance :wink:

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Looks like there are some Elektron sales going on at various US dealers. Octatrack is $1274, Digitone, Digitakt, and Heat are $729.


I looked in vain for a deal on a model:samples in the UK today.

Circuit Rhythm is very performance friendly, and you always can sample in the sofa from youtube and the likes.

Michigan synth works has 15% off buying direct. euro clones with, in my opinion, beautiful minimalist panels.


Model:Cycles for 289€ at musicstore.de

449€ for Germans. Good find!

I’ve ordered a keystep 37 for £109 + an additional 7% site wide discount code from bax, be sure to use Parcel Force if you are in the UK though, their shocking reviews and reputation seems to be caused by Hermes. It came out around £106 with delivery which is great value. :crossed_fingers:

I’ve had my eye on upgrading for a while, even though it is a white one

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Has this been listed yet? Heat Mk2 $130 off.


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Check out Music Matter on eBay when they do a discount code. I’ve seen it as low as £201.


That’s exactly the same price as the last two weeks :slight_smile: (despite what the web page suggests).

Same price, no claim it was discounted a day or two ago:

Ahh, fair enough - I just saw it earlier and thought it might be useful

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Korg NTS-1 for 75€ from Amazon Germany is a pretty great deal…

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