Anyma Omega Keyboard and Desktop from Aodyo


Thank you for the heads up, this could be the product I’ve been hoping for

Any bets on when the electronic music publishers are going to pick up on this ?

They’re all asleep ! Zzzzzz !

Do you know when it will be revealed? I want details! Lol

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I’m dying to know too. They only say November, so that could be a while, except the cat is out of the bag, and is crawling all over the place — in this thread only !

The picture bibenu put up, i’m pretty sure that “thing” sits just to the left of the keyboard, below the wheels, so everyone who thought it was an X-Y pad is probably correct. I think that’s right but looking at the frame around it, i‘ll add it may also have a Z component with pressure, so it is like the Morphe’e and the Touche’ in that sense.

But we’re waiting for more information, to see what’s what exactly.

More information will be available in just a few hours …


Here we go !!!

Anyma Omega


Wowser. That’s quite something. May go for the desktop, not sure though.

Have we any idea what the Anyma Phi “special edition” is (one of the rewards). If it’s just a Phi in funky colours I’m not bothered, but if it features more algorithms, more patch memory, I might go for it.

Very very tempted.

The Anyma Phi “special edition” is a color variation of the standard Anyma Phi. No extra feature but the similar dress code as the Anyma Omega :wink:


Looks quite innovative :+1:

I was not expecting a desktop version. Very interested, again.



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Instantly backed for the desktop version. I love my Phi, and I think this will do what I might have wanted from the Regen but with a workflow I feel more confident about and at a quarter the cost. I think it’ll end up replacing my Argon8M and my Typhon as well, simplifying things all around. I’ve been looking for a modern knobby multi-timbral poly for a while…




Anyma Omega blends the classic ingredients of electronic music with physical modelling technology, allowing it to simulate acoustic sound sources, such as strings or reeds, as well as resonating structures, like wood, glass, or metal.


16-notes polyphony with all the richness of Anyma’s synthesis engine.


4 sound parts splitted, layered or even chained.


Proven Fatar® velocity sensitive semi-weighted synth action keybed with aftertouch for musical and expressive playing.

Numerous controls to enrich the performance and unique sensitive wooden surfaces (ribbon and touchpad) to feed resonators and enhance expression.


Easy access to 14 macro parameters controlling the main characteristics of patches.

Tweak every parameter of every module with the large display and controls, unleashing the power of a semi-modular synth at your fingertips.

Direct access to the various modules thanks to the interactive synthesis path diagram.


Create aleatory consistent patches, by pushing a single button, based on smart random algorithms.


Beyond polyphony, the exclusive PolyMorph feature can provide extra width, density and depth to the sound: fine-blend panspread, unison, expression and morphing for every single note.


With Anyma Omega you can use any scale or tuning to make your sound travel all around the world and the eras.

Explore our multiple microtuning presets. You can also load Scala (.scl) or Anamark (.tun) files in Anyma Omega by converting them to MIDI Tuning standard (MTS) format. In addition to importing and exporting tunings, there are several options that can be used to define and edit tunings directly on the instrument: reference tone adjustment, 12-tone octave scale, tuning table for each note and n-EDO scales.


With a lot of input and output ports, Anyma Omega easily connects to all the machines, synths and controllers. It is compatible with any standard MIDI controller, including our own electronic wind instrument: Sylphyo.

Plug external audio and use Anyma Omega as a powerful modular FX processor.


Free multi-platform editor/librarian inherited from and compatible with Anyma Phi’s sound bank. Organize, archive and share your Anyma patches and performances.


Come on stretch goals.

Stretch Goals :

  • €100,000 — MPE
  • €120,000 — New Models & Modules
  • €140,000 — Advanced Sequencer
  • €160,000 — Polyphonic aftertouch keybed
  • €180,000 — CV/Gate additional 1/0
  • €200,000 — TBD, could include breath controller input, advanced ribbon controller, digital audio I/O, VST/AU editor versions

Do the ribbon and touchpad have the same functions or will I miss something if I go with the Desktop version?

Yeah, you were on top of it. I just didn’t believe you :wink: Won’t happen again!

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So, if I pay for the Keybed version and they reach this goal, it will be delivered with a PA Keybed?

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