Anyma Omega Keyboard and Desktop from Aodyo

I did it only with pausing the video and print screen. Maybe there is better way, I am not good at this…

Bi-timbral? It looks like there’s 2 pairs of Outputs.

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I hope it’s a crappy keyboard so I don’t even need to go through the mental stress of wanting to sell something to buy it.


That would be nice. The architecture could fit with this. Polyphonic for sure. And physical modeling. Not a lot of polyphonic physical modeling synths in the world.

A poly-aftertouch keybed would work really well mapping parameters into the Anyma synthesis model.

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Are the pictures/videos from IG?

What if there’s a Module version as well?


It’s been in the wind for a while.

No temptation at all. I would only consider replacing my Cobalt 8 with something with an equally nice keyboard not that I am unhappy with it but because if I did that I would give myself a break for not making any significant progress as I would have something else to learn to use.

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There’s a youtube video linked here: Soon - Aodyo Instruments

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Yeah and they ( Aodyo ) took the still photos down from that link, though we have both in this thread, and i think they are from the video as well.

By the way Elektronauts — we did it again here, we collectively are news breakers one more time, with the help of Aodyo.

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Module version?


So … @Hurolura, how are we doing here ? Care to add anything.

You sure as hell got our attention.

Will patches carry over from the Anyma Phi ? I’ve got some nice ones, and it would be good if the two synths work together that way. Plus maybe a little something else on top.

ADDED : Two weeks later, yes patches can be moved from Phi to Omega according to a comment from Aodyo on the Kickstarter page.

So we 've got finally two poly synths that use elements algo ?

They mostly adapted braids code I think ? Not sure about elements (though I could be totally wrong, not being a modular guy).


Oh, yes, the licensing agreement doesn’t allow them to call it braids.


My eyes may deceive me, so this is a discussion not edict.

So 49 keys, two wheels

On the back panel :

  • External line power
  • A CV / Gate connector — ?? Not sure.
  • Two pedal inputs
  • The three DIN MIDI connectors
  • Two Stereo Audio Inputs ?
  • Two Stereo Audio Outputs
  • A USB connector — ?? Not sure.

Looking at the controls, this synth has a lot of control on it. I’ll wait for a better picture, rather than bungle any sort of description. It seems like maybe seven different areas. Not sure.

And then there’s the input or output we see in the photo with the thing that looks like an X-Y pad. ADDED : I think the 1/4 inch jack by the “X-Y pad” is a headphone jack on the front left of the keyboard. The buttons next to that are octave up-down etc, below the wheels.


Yes @Jukka, we all wondered here how you guessed the name Omega prior to any announcement from us …


Not me.


Jukka doesn’t miss.