Expressive E Osmose

We can only hope 🥹

The video mentioned is the same one posted by koam earlier

Any speculation on what the asking price will be for the first osmose on reverb? :upside_down_face:

5,490 canadian rupees.

What amount of cash would make me wait a little longer. Hm. 10k plus another one, so 12k. I mean, I know I can wait. But I’d rather not at this point.

Damn it Jukka!

This thread popped up so I thought there was actual Osmose news. I thought, for a fleeting moment, that the hallowed time had finally come and imminent shipping was upon us. Alas, alas :sob: :sob: :sob:

Jokes aside, the Anyma Omega is an interesting proposition (assuming it hits the PA goal).

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I regretted asking for my deposit back during the pandemic as I was broke but I guess less so now…the regret I mean.

Thanks… but not any worse than a lot of people but that $500 or whatever it was did help at the time and they were super nice about it. Anyways, hope you all get yours sometime soon!

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Haken continuum are bi-timbral with split, layer or external control. In the earliest videos for the Osmose they said it would be too, but they later said it wasn’t. But my guess is it could be…

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Eagan matrix has 3 parts splits actually, since osmose has the 3x2 dsp, no reason it should be diffrent.

Am seriously hoping that the fact they have been a bit active on social media with people showing off on the Osmose means that they are still on track according to the last roadmap.
Still keeping fingers crossed for an early new year arrival…

They could tease sound sets, maybe they need units for sound designers first?

In November on instagram they have had a post with a brass fm patch (though I think that is lifted from the previous sound design vid) a post about JMJ using Osmose on his new record and a post about Reyn using Osmose on stage.
Not really saying that is proof of anything, but I hope they would recognise how annoying it would be to wave the carrot around under our noses if they were expecting more significant delays.

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Friends. Friends! CAN IT REALLY BE TRUE.


That’s great to read. I’m still pretty certain I’ll take the order and at least give it a go. Worst case it’ll make a great MPE controller. My worry is I’ll end up having to let either the Osmose or AK go as I don’t think I can justify two keyboards.

Still, enough of those negative thoughts! Looking forward to this arriving and hopefully it’ll live up to expectations.

So happy for them :grinning: and for me too :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I’m gonna squirrel away money for end of Q1/beginning of Q2 in hopes that general orders open as soon as the pre-order campaign is fulfilled. (Based on what they’ve written about production, once things start humming along, it seemed like they would be able to keep up with demand, relatively well.)

Almost three years since I pre ordered mine. My body is ready. And so is my AH, which I think will be a match made in heaven for the Osmose.

Still on board … the new desk i bought for it a year ago is already full. So need another new desk

I’ve got two spots in my setup ready for it. And an OB-6 and a Super6 for when I inevitably give up trying to wrap my mind around programming the eaganmatrix.

This is likely going to be more of a rompler/dx-7 type preset machine for me.

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