Polyend Play

Yeah, I would have to think so.

I’m ok with that. would prefer extensive sampling capabilities obvs :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

no lfo’s? :thinking: maybe lfo’s will be implemented like on tracker.

From the spec it looks like it’s basically the same as the tracker but with 8 tracks of polyphonic midi sequencing and without onboard sampling or 128 step sequencing.

waiting on Hapax so the sequencing side isn’t really necessary for my uses, afaik. but as a sampler it would be replacing Blackbox so no actual sampling into Play (and with only half the available slots, it sounds like – 8 vs. 16 on Blackbox) probably doesn’t make sense

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Polyend is calling it a groovebox, which is cool, I love grooveboxes. It looks like what it has looked like for a while, a jammable box that isn’t going to be very deep.

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Niiice. English translation (by Google, food included in the box hahahaha):

Groovebox Polyend Play

Sequence - Perform - Play
Polyend Play is probably the most flexible and inspiring Groovebox of all time. With more than 3,000 samples and 8-track sequencing, you can create direct rhythms and create your own rhythms using a variety of sequencing and variation tools. Choose and place your sounds anywhere on the matrix grid to create rhythms in a truly intuitive way. Switch to performance mode to create even more grooves, and if that’s not enough, take advantage of Play’s powerful sequencer to control your external equipment with 8 additional polyphonic MIDI tracks.

Pick & Place - Find your sound among more than 3000 samples included and place it anywhere on the grid to start building your track.
Select and adjust - Easily and independently adjust step parameters with familiar commands based on samples at your fingertips.
Customize each song with 35 different playback modes, the Chance and Action Combo, Randomizer and Step Repeater functions.

No inspiration? Automatically fill the areas of your choice with smart filling options, including whole beats, random placement of steps and even Euclidean deviations.
Quickly move data such as steps, tracks, track pages, variants and patterns using simple selection and copy/paste commands.
Keep music in mind with scale filtering, playing only notes from the selected scale throughout the sequence.

Performance mode allows you to make non-destructive changes to tracks with effects such as Tune, Filter, Overdrive, Rearranger, Reverb, etc.
Record automation or change individual step values on the fly in real time, or even record mono or polyphonic MIDI from an external controller or built-in keyboard.

The customizable pattern sequence allows you to “map” entire sequences anywhere on the grid and execute them in real time.
Master; Reverb, Delay, Sound Enhancer, Limiter and Saturator effects are included to spice up your mix.
Instantly save and recall patterns - ideal in case of problems during a live performance.

8 internal audio tracks and 8 individual polyphonic MIDI tracks combine for powerful integration with your existing instruments.
More than 30,000 track variations are available! This represents 128 patterns for 16 tracks, each individual track can contain up to 16 variations.
Each track can benefit from independent lengths (from 1 to 64 steps), different tempos, playback modes and even swing values. Perfect for polymetric and polyrhythmic sequences.

Control your synthesizers and drum machines on individual tracks with the ability to emit a separate set of MIDI values per track.
Full MIDI capabilities with flexible MIDI CC mapping per track for individual rotary buttons and the ability to connect an external controller for MIDI note input. You can also connect an external controller for MIDI note entry. In addition, you can produce chords, arpeggios, program and bank changes, pitch variations, a clock and much more…

Main features

  • Powerful sequencer with 8 audio tracks and 8 polyphonic MIDI tracks

  • Minimum learning time

  • Perform mode with real-time effects and punch-in

  • Song Creator function, intuitive and versatile

  • Portable and can be powered by external battery

Technical characteristics

  • 8 internal audio tracks

  • 8 polyphonic MIDI tracks (3 voices)

  • Speed, length and swing of independent tracks

  • 16 variations per track

  • 128 reasons per project

  • Advanced randomizer

  • Single step repeater

  • Chance-action combination

  • DJ style filter

  • Master FX (Reverb, Delay, Sound, Limiter, Saturation)

  • Unique Perform mode with tons of presets

  • High-quality sample packs included


  • 5V/1A USB power supply via USB-C

  • Powered by an external battery, computer or wall adapter included

  • MIDI input and output (MIDI DIN to MIDI Mini adapter included)

  • 1/8" stereo output (1/8" to 1/4" stereo separator cable included)

  • 16 GB Micro SD card included with Micro SD to USB adapter

Dimensions and construction

  • Robust anodized aluminum front panel

  • High-quality mechanical keys and silicone pads

  • High resolution screen

  • Durable encoder and potentiometers

In the box

  • Food

  • Polyend USB C cable

  • 3.5 mm stereo adapter to 2x 6.3 mm female mono jack

  • Mini-jack to MIDI DIN adapter (Type B)

  • MicroSD card 16 GB

  • MicroSD to USB-A adapter


No inspiration? Automatically fill areas of your choice with smart fill options, including full beats, random step placement, and even Euclidean gaps.

Interesting idea!

8 internal audio tracks and 8 individual polyphonic MIDI tracks combine for powerful integration with your existing instruments…Powerful sequencer with 8 audio tracks and 8 polyphonic MIDI tracks

They seem to keep saying explicitly the only the MIDI tracks are polyphonic. If the internal sample engine isn’t polyphonic, that’s a huge whiff.

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You can actually just use the localization switcher in the upper-right of the web page to change the language to english. It looks like the English boilerplate text has more details.

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No slicing :frowning: I think what I really want is an Octatrack with individual outs/USB audio outs.

I guess that means 8 mono tracks? Be a proper shame if you can’t do polyphony - especially if there’s no resampling to save the track count.

More expensive than an MPC One for what seems to be less functionality. £200 more than the tracker. Costs more than the Digitakt too. No battery.

Obviously, might end up revealing a bunch of stuff that makes it killer and I do like the look of the pads -but it’s a very competitive market for this type of thing.


The external midi sequencing is limited to 3-voice polyphony (per track) as well :-1:

At 799 euro, I’m seeing a lot of limitations and not much to justify the high price.

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No sampling is a disappointment. But I’ll withhold judgement til I’ve seen it in action tomorrow.


I bought the Sample From Mars super bundle which is everything theyve released for such a scenario as this :grinning:

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Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 1.52.20 PM

Wonder if it’ll be pierogi?


I had a model samples, I bothered me way to much it could not sample in the end and sold it. I think the play will go down the same road for me.

Not interested.
Mutes thread.


It’s a giant fail if they really limited midi polyphony to 3, IMO.

I’m sure there are people who will do amazing things with it, but I despise it when companies intentionally cripple their products.

Between that and lack of sampling or even audio input monitoring. Swing and a miss, big time.

All IMO. Some will love it I’m sure.

Looks great! Thanks for helping to finally bring this sojourn of a thread to it’s final furlong!!

Feels to me like it’s sitting somewhere between the Model Samples and DT in terms of complexity. Or like a PTracker but with a more deluge-y style sequencing… I probably can’t justify it when I’ve a DT, PT and M8 but lots of folk are going to love it.

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8 Midi Tracks + 8 Sample/Audio Tracks DONE!

I know what I am ordering tomorrow :slight_smile:

I do hope Sample Slicing is a feature of the Audio Tracks…hrmmm…if not you’ll have to do the old trick of Conditional Locks for Start Times on different Steps…i hope that isn’t the case…hrmmm…not ideal…

The Tracker definitely isn’t the solution since it’s limited in space with Sample lengths.

Hurry up May 12th :crazy_face:

Customize every track with 35 different play modes, Chance and Action Combo, Randomizer and Step Repeater.

35??? Say what? I get stuck trying to think of more than 5 play modes. Any guesses as to how the numbers are fudged to get to 35?

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