I know we all usually get GAS with new product announcements, but does anyone look at a new piece of gear and think “Might be cool, but no way I’d want to learn another workflow on top of what I have now.”? Recently saw an MC707 for a decent price and while looking at all the buttons and functions had this feeling. Maybe I’m finally ready to minimize my setup. Just thinking out loud I suppose.


Me, too. At the moment the only exception would be an additional Elektron device (due to their handling similarities). Thanx heaven, they haven’t released anything beside the Model:xxx devices for quite some time now …


All. The. Time.


Yes but I usually buy it anyway. Hate it, sell it. Only to regret selling it and buy it again. I do believe I have a problem.


I have recently cleared out a load of stuff for that very reason. Less is more
Maybe the six months I spent in a Buddhist monastery helped me there :pray:t4:


Having two kids under five worked for me. :om:


Actually, I recently found myself wanting to go back to the 707 for exactly this reason. It does so many things in one box, that I could sell some other things and have fewer workflows to keep track of. I found the 707 was easier to learn than the Octa, which I’m sticking with for now.

But yes. Spending more time getting deeper into the instruments you already own, is often a wise (and less expensive) choice.

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Love being a minimalist.

I used to get crazy gas. Now, I know that a tool will never do the work for me. If anything, new music gear creates extra work.


For me, space is a great limiter. Sure, I can fit more, but the bigger the pile, the more imposing it is to get started, and the more work it is to hook it all up and make it aesthetically inspiring.

There is nothing quite like sitting down with one or two devices and just making them music.


Off topic, but I’ve been wanting to do that for ages

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Yes, definitely.
Two more pieces, already payed (or almost) and I’m done. Promise.



Life changing for many reasons


Absolutely. I wish I got that feeling more often. Haha.
This is actually the mindset that kept me away from elektron for so long, well, that and the price.
I think it’s strongest with daws for me. I really can’t be bothered to try out new ones unless I have to for some reason.


the only real reason for anti-GAS is being totally out of space in my closet.


Definitely. 100%

It’s why I haven’t bought a Force or the MC-707/101

They’re great on paper but it would require too much to implement them into my workflow and if successful would just orphan stuff I have now that I really like.

Plus, I like the ability to get some randomization out of my instruments. From what I understand with Force, this isn’t a Forte. What you program in is what comes out.

I had been gassing real hard for a Sequential poly synth, after I got my Pro 2. I really like the 44 keys (don’t ask me why but 37 was too few and 44 is bare minimum for me), the knobs, the OLED screen. So I was considering P12 module or Rev2 module.
This week I spent a lot of time mapping the Pro 2 to its fullest ability with VSTs like OB-XA V, SEM V, Repro-5, Oberhausen, and Thorn.
These really do cover my poly needs, and I would record any poly with audio and midi automation in my DAW anyway. I have the NI M32 controller, but the Pro 2 is much better when you really want to dig into a patch.

Now, the Pro 2 LFO section doesn’t send CC# so that’s the only real limitation with this scheme. But filters, envelopes, OSC section are all very covered, and Komplete Kontrol gets me to patches quickly that are 75% of the way there.
So now my plan is to get a VESA monitor stand for this portable 15" HD display I have, and just mount it right above the Pro 2 and let that be my polyphonic synth station.
NI M32 I’ll use more for actual NI products now.

Trying to better use what I already have to prevent buying more stuff seems to be a good GAS alternative. And my hope is to make a workflow that is so well connected and integrated, that the hardware option makes less logical sense, and turns me off to it completely.


At this point I’m working on being able to get rid of stuff. I can justify some of it to save up for better (got rid of a ton of monos to save up for a P5Rev4)

But when it comes to trying to figure out if it’s something I SHOULD keep, it takes forever to get up the time to A/B.

For example: Trying to figure out if my SSL SiX would give extra utility versus a patchbay into my 8i/o interface, or whether I ought to keep my Thermionic THE KITE if I’m not mixing too much myself.

I feel like I should focus on making more full tracks of music first, and sell something that has me endlessly tweaking fizz and EQ :slight_smile:

And with the mixer, getting everything re-patched in and trying to figure out where it’s improving the sound/flow over just going straight into the interface.

I’m sure that struggle isn’t unique.


Yes, everytime I buy a new piece of gear (unless it’s Elektron stuff, as I’m fully versed in that world now). I’ve had an PreenFM2 in a drawer for maybe two years, as I’ve never found time to learn the layout of it.

That being said, I do find it easy to pick up and learn new hardware. I’m a RTM guy, and look to get a grasp of devices and muscle memory quite quickly.

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At this point for me it comes down to a couple key questions I ask myself.
Can insert dope synthydrumbox do something I can’t already do with what I’ve got?
Will it maintain value over time?

I put myself in a certain price range some years back and adhere strictly with few exceptions. This narrows the scope greatly on what meets the above criteria. Especially considering that quality varies greatly. I am also strictly OTB these days only really want a versatile poly. Looking at a virus b available as a buy it now.
It’s the top of my budget and it checks all my boxes but it’s overkill really. Always wanted one since way back but I will wait for micromonsta 2 :sunglasses:. Whew thanks for that :crazy_face:


Me too!

Then I bought a Midi keyboard and an AS-1

The argument I used to trick myself is that winter is coming. The whole lean mean live setup is out of the window. I’m going full crazy hermit studio


Until I bought an Akai Force I was all over the place with different setups and configurations. I kept thinking that finally this was it. The perfect setup, I’m done. And I kept posting images every couple of months in the ‘Your Setup’ thread.

But i kept repeating the same mistakes and the more gear I acquired or yearned for, the poorer I was and further from making any meaningful music at all.

Won’t go into specifics but the Akai Force has without doubt be the most important purchase for me in the last 10 years. It’s been a game changer in regard to what I’m making and how I go about doing it. For this reason I have zero gas for the first time.

And this is incredibly important for me as I went Bankrupt owing to debts incurred from buying music gear (Approx £50,000) Those factors pushed me into serious depression and anxiety that I still suffer with. So to be free of gas is potentially, and quite literally life saving for me.