Analog303 kit : ) (AND dual303-kit)


Hi all,

I made a 303 kit for our nice elektron box.
The performance macros are used to mimic the original’s knob behaviour.

The 303 is on track 1, other tracks still free.

For best results:

  • -don’t tweak sound 1, use performance macro instead.
  • -keep the accent setting in the accent menu to 0
  • -use 0,5 note length
  • -for slides: normal a4 slide trigs, with previous note length 1,5
  • -use the accent trigs!

Let me know what you think!

EDIT: noticed the square is a bit off, try moving osc2 pw to -19/-21 for a more squarish square

EDIT2: here’s the dual 303 kit (post 26)

How do I create this sound?
Bass companion synth for my a4
More Analog303 Madness!

Great, I’ll try it this morning and give you a feedback !



Thanks for the effort! I’m gonna try it later this weekend…


I’m not a 303 purist but it’s nice to throw acid lines with your kit. Good job.


Thx! That’s exactly why I made this: to make the A4 an easy acid-jam companion for my new TR-8 :slight_smile:
(Sometimes, when I’m just not feeling like sound designing, but just easy jammin’ when I’m in my studio…)


Thanks for this. I think the a4 does a solid acid.
I’m going to download yours and try to get in the habit of setting up performance nobs.


Pretty clever, man. Well done!


Yeah, saved me alot of trouble trying that, good job.
Now go make an sh101 patch :stuck_out_tongue:


@invalid challenge accepted :slight_smile: which 10 knobs from the 101 would you like as performance macro?

I suggest:
Saw sqr noi frq res
Ata dec sus rel envf

Where the envelope controls filter and vca. Envf = env to filter amount. Pm me if you have some other ideas.

UPDATE: work in progress: Challenge: analog modelling

Will update the files section with kit and create a new thread, as to keep this one for the analog303 :slight_smile:


Sounds good to me, ill leave it in your capable hands, cant wait to hear the results.


A small bump for the analog303 kit on 303 day :blush:


I was playing around with this kit just the other day. Very cool man! Lot of fun!


Finding this article an interesting read


Tim Stinchcombe also has a great article on diode ladder filters in general (a la EMS and 303), with lots of specific info on the 303:


BTW, if I just send this to my AK with MIDIOX, exactly what will it overwrite?


For some reason this doesn’t install. When I try to install it to my +drive it just gets stuck in waiting mode. I’ve successfully installed the 1991 sound pack so I’m not sure whats wrong. Am I supposed to be installing it to a specific place? Any suggestions?


Be aware this is not a “sound”, but a “kit”.

Go to global–>sysex dump–>receive–>receive kit.
Then select a spot and send the .syx .
If you don’t select a spot the kit will be placed in the first free one.

After sending the .syx exit the global menu and browse your kits to find this one.

Have fun!


Is C6 Sysex Manager the recommended way to do this? I usually use MIDIOX, but happy to switch if this is better.


Ah okay this should fix the problem. Thanks!



Is C6 Sysex Manager the recommended way to do this? I usually use MIDIOX, but happy to switch if this is better.

Both should work, but Elektron’s own C6 works like a charm for me. :slight_smile:
(and supports turbo midi as well)