Analog303 kit : ) (AND dual303-kit)


I use Simple Sysexxer on Linux with no problems.


This is really great, but I seem to be unable to load the 303 sound on any other track than T1 (even after saving the inital Track sound to a new slot, and then loading this sound on another track). T2-T4 themselves work fine if any other sound is loaded… Am I missing some specific voice routing or something?


Ooooh! I like this idea! I’m gonna have to see about trying to duplicate the first track on all 4 and modify the macros to have a quartet for 303 emulations

I’ll see if I run into any problems, I don’t see why I would though?

"How to make this sound" question

I was going to try making some Hardfloor style patterns with 2 or more 303 lines running in parallel but as I wrote the sound from the kit only plays on T1. I wonder if It has got something to do with the performance macro. Please let me know if it worked for you!


You bet! I suppose, worse case scenario, you could load the kit, and duplicate the patch either by copying it or manually keying it in. Then mod the macros.

I just want to reiterate how good the patch sounds. I was youtubing the tb3/tb 03 and various other boxes getting ready to buy and then after playing the patch it sounded better to me than the items I was getting ready to move on! Love the A4 love the kit! Good luck!


You can copy the sound to another track, but the macro settings affect the sound settings (filter is almost closed in trk sound). This means you have to do the tweaking on the synth-pages themselves, which make you lose the performance knobs that have a similar range to the 303 knobs.

Dual 303 kit
Another option is to change the macro to accommodate two 303’s:

Have fun.


Thanks for your work on this! I was lusting after a TB03 but this should fill the gap nicely! :sunglasses:


Thanks for the suggestion! I completely missed your reply earlier…


Why can’t i download your kit, i click on the link but nothing happens


Try in a different web browser. Doesn’t work in Firefox for me but does in Chrome.

p.s. does anyone have a video showing this 303 kit in action?


Was opening it in firefox, will use chrome thanks for your help


Btw Maby thinking of making a video once i got a good pattern


Added an audio example to the files page:

To listen directly:


Not bad!

Any demos of the squarewave? To listen for while I wait for my A4 to ship :nyan:


Stupid question incoming: how can I download the files? When I click the download button nothing happens.


Maybe try another browser:


Any demos of the squarewave?



Thank you for your work. Not only does it sound great on its own, it is also a great starting point for other acidy sounds.


Good to hear it is an inspiration for further sound design :slight_smile:

If you’ve made some interesting ones, please do share!


How’s that 101 patch coming?