Analog Rytm MKII is now shipping


Where did you order (assuming you are from holland)? I ordered at a music shop that is not an official dealer (in NL) and they told me that it will be available somewhere in december…


I’d be very interested to read the MK2 owners’ thoughts about how the inclusion of sampling will (or already has) help them reach new sonic territories. The (almost) only reason for me to buy the MK2 would be resampling since I never fingerdrum, don’t care much for more outputs and I can live without the new performance stuff…
Also if anyone notices differences in sound character as is, I’d be happy to know


Key music the hague (=rock palace)
Very good store!

(Where are you from, in Holland? I am from. Nijmegen, no elektron here in town)


It’s on its way. I think the added sampling feature moves the mk2 into MPC territory, greatly extending its functionality, even beyond just drums. With the added analog filter and drive per voice, and all the other AR features, this could be a killer machine, and a potentional future classic. We’ll find out soon. :slight_smile:


Im a bit disappointed too that there is no waveform display on the sample playback page. It makes it really difficult to slice percussion loops using parameter locks.

It would be nice to know if it is planned to add waveform display in future firmware version?

I understand that the rytm doesnt get Midi as there have to be features that help to market the digitakt. But missing waveform display is such a glaring omission that it just makes the rytm feel incomplete. Really sad.

Other than that the rytm mk2 is such a lovely machine, really like the new pads and overall style! Layering sounds, sending them through saturation and compressor and resampling opens up very interessting possibilities.


Keymusic is a Elektron retailer, so you will probably have it before me. I ordered at Tonecontrol, they have good service and i ordered with 10% ADE discount in october :slight_smile:.

I a from Zaanstad btw. Have no pior experience with Elektron boxes… really curious about the sound! What kind of style are you into?


Hi Lucid,

I am i the same boat, ordered at soundsupplies Rotterdam (september).
Can’t wait


So the transfer tool is available ?


It’s the same one that is also used for DT. It’s not linked to in the support section for AR MK2 on the Elektron page, though.


I sold all equipment i had to buy A4 and ar mk2
Something went wrong, I received 2 Analog fours in stead of 1
Because I was honest enough to send it back… they gave me 15% discount on my AR
I hope I will receive it this week.

I love it to make music, not specificly one type of sound
15 years ago I played drum and bass in clubs
Now I feel no need to perform, and make different kinds of music
Some music I made with elektron gear can be found on my YouTube channel


12/22 sweetwater says. Come on Sweetwater, I need this piece to complete the trio. Here’s a vid. OT and A4


Hi klonart,

Is there some new feature with filter and drive on the mk?


That’s exactly what I thought and the higher bandwidth to stream all voices separately in 24bit which saves me to buy a new interface or mixer. But I’m already enjoying the sampling capabilities especially the resampling because now I’m able to do some kind of a workaround to compensate the missing filter for mixing purposes and more LFOs. Just load or sample your desired bit cut the lows or highs if you don’t need sample it. Create a quick Tremolo/Vibrato effekt by modulating the pitch sample it, modulate the volume sample it, add the noise generator sample it, load it as a sample and use the voice for other stuff, you get the idea. It’s just awesome and approves my workflow tremendously.


ReSampling is considered as a Powerful Sound Synthesis method… People tend to forget it…


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Feature requests: Internal “re”sampling

That is very honest of you! Nice that they gave you a discount on the AR.

I see now that I already followed you on Youtube. Nice work, can see you already have experience working with the Elektrons…

I also played in clubs years ago, more in the oldschool, early hardstyle and hardcore department :slight_smile: We had our own little basement club called subway in Zaandam where we had club nights every friday and saturday.

Nowadays I am more into techno, a big fan of Speedy J! First focus with the AR will be working on techno kicks…


Hi Ritual,

I just got it an hour ago, so it’s early. :wink: A quick test didn’t give me the impression that anything dramatic changed there, from what I remember from my mk1 machines I already sold. So I can’t compare.

What I can tell you that it sounds great, and that I really dig the new case and looks.


Has anyone who preordered from Sweetwater received their AR2 yet?


No, I was first in line, the latest is they’ll get them 12/22. I’m dreaming of a RYTM Christmas


Same here… i d love a holiday with my rytm