Analog Rytm MKII is now shipping

We're excited to announce that Analog Rytm MKII is now shipping. Analog Rytm MKII is an 8 voice analog drum machine and sampler. By combining analog drum synthesis with a digital sample engine and a sequencer, it offers vast beat sound design possibilities. Sampling with the Analog Rytm MKII is quick and effortless and perfect for adding a customized touch to any beat. General playability is stellar thanks to the large pads, the generous amount of dedicated buttons and the quick performance controls. High bandwidth Overbridge and two expression/CV inputs for external control further strengthen the Analog Rytm MKII case. The feel and the look of the unit itself are stunning, thanks to the cast aluminum enclosure, the back-lit buttons, the hi-res encoders and the big OLED screen. All in all, the Analog Rytm MKII represents a major leap when it comes to beat making instruments. Early next year, the Overbridge software suite will become available for Analog Rytm MKII. It offers powerful tools and features when using Analog Rytm MKII with computers, for example, a dedicated VST/AU plugin interface for hardware control and USB audio streaming of the eight internal analog audio tracks. Due to very high demand, it will initially only be available through our retailers. [Full specs and sound examples are available here.]( [Find your nearest retailer here.](

Rytm MKII Sampling Workflow
Analog Rytm MK2 initial impressions
Introducing Analog Four & Analog Rytm MKII

Everything just broke


Lovely, I was worried for a minute when you announced the new synth engine, then you said its available for both units!!!


Kinda mind blowing … really … go Elektron!


Ordered :slight_smile: Sadly, this means I’ll say goodbye to my MKI. If it weren’t for the missing backup functionality I might even let go of my DT, too.




That MK2 combo is killing. A flamethrower.


thank you guys for not leaving mk1 users too far behind )


Lovin’ the cheeky wee Stockhausen cameo there :wink:



Likewise that 808 demo on SoundCloud soooooouds goood.


DAMN NICE i can ( T ) wait to RECEIVE IT


Looks great. Had pretty much decided to stick with Rytm MK1 and Digitakt… not so sure now.

Can’t wait for the new firmware to drop!



wow, nice to see you here, love your skyway motel ep a lot!!


Support section has the AR MK2 manual online.


Thanks! :grinning:


Excellent. New machine for MK1 users! Bravo.


Oh yes!


I assume it samples in stereo unlike the digi?