Analog Rytm MKII is now shipping


At list receive it before Santa would make me happy …
but I already throw the towel like the loser boxer :boxing_glove:

Next Year … :slight_smile:
i have my A4 MK2 to help me to be patient


When is the 2xOSC voice on this expected to be opened up?!


i remember for the MPC Live everyone received and us, in France we get it late rather than other countries don’t know why… Also, maybe Woodbrass already dispatch the pre-orders and they didn’t get sufficient items for my pre-order to be cover… i don’t know where am i in the pre-order list :stuck_out_tongue:




Sweetwater is always last on the list it seems.


My Sweetwater order shipped yesterday and will arrive Thursday! I ordered it the moment it was announced over the phone with my rep, don’t know if that helped me get it sooner…


I’m having some startup issues with my Rytm MkII. About half the time I power the unit on it freezes at the first screen that shows the software version # (1.40). None of the keys respond and it needs to be power cycled (a few times most often) until it turns on. Submitted a ticket but wanted to hear if anyone else is having this problem.


No sign of mkii’s in Holland too… Though we are closer to Sweden than France is :joy:


I’ve got my AR MK2 yesterday and i am also living in Holland :slight_smile: So excited and happy with AR MK2 :3lektron:


where did you buy? I ordered at key music Den Haag, very nice store… but still no Rytm mk2


At Thomann after one time of cancelling.


Man you took the socks that are seven times warmer for the winter ? GREAT
Can’t wait to my Analog Four MKII to receive its partner of crime


Bummed. Sweetwater did not get them today. I ordered on day 1. Can’t figure it out. Well I guess nobody wants my money. What do they make 2 of these a month? :frowning:


I really hope the AR2 doesn’t have all the problems that the DT did/does.


Just got the AR today. Let it thaw for 2 hours, mounted the wood and off to the races. The AR had an issue powering up, I swapped the AR and A4 power supply and the AR powers up. I swapped them back and they both work. Was freaked out there for a second.


I was notified yesterday by Sweetwater that my AR2 had arrived. Unfortunately I’m on the road for about 3 more weeks, so I told them I’d pass on this batch, and get one of the next batch.


Woodbrass told me it sent from elektron to them this week so technically it should be next week or Two from now for my delivery… :confused:

I know now, as I’m waiting for long time… delivery will be emotional for sure.


A studio is never complete without a Swiffer lying around!


You got good eyes Jack, LOL


Massive price drop in Holland, 1377 euros (was 1699)…

See picture: