Analog Rytm MKII is now shipping

#208 has it in stock


thx so much, i hope the backorder list is not too long :slight_smile:

#210 have a b stock AR MKII for €1619,- for immediate shipment.


Thomann has it on stock…


Waiting for it since… ever?


The eagle has landed. Can’t wait to get home…


Damn where the hell is my pre-order :slight_smile: i want it woodbrass please :stuck_out_tongue:


The new form factor suits the Rytm really well, the pads have a nice feel to them, nowhere near MPC territory, but my initial impression is that they’re nicer than MK1’s. The sampling functionality looks and feels identical to DT’s. There doesn’t seem to be any content that’s not on the MK1, but who cares? I’m happy that the new trinity is united now.


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Does your AR MK2 already has the Dual VCO machine?


you know Hans, i’m jealous :slight_smile:


No, it‘s not in firmware 1.40.


Even more questions, what about the ‘Elektron Transfer’ tool for samples?

I am eager to get the AR MK2 it’s also shipped, so i just need a little more patience :slight_smile:


According to the manual transfer tool is the weapon of choice. I haven’t tried though, I got too many other things to do at the moment. If you’re familiar with AR MK1 it’s easy to find your way round everything. Func + Track buttons have swapped places, but I’ll get used to it. The pads are more sensitive than the MK1 ones. Sound wise I haven’t noticed any difference, but recently I mainly used my MK1 with cans and I have the MK2 hooked up to my monitors so no proper comparison possible.


I tried to transfer some sample from AR MK2 via transfer software.
It works fine so far.


Sampling capability of AR MK2 is, only that “just sampling possible”. Since it is not possible to display waveforms or loop sample. It’s handy but it will not substitute Digitakt.


is it (sample looping, wave form display etc.) something difficult to implement? why not give the new RYTM decent sampler functionality? if somebody is gonna spend $1600 USD on the ultimate drum machine/sampler, why handicap it / exclude potential features?


I dont like there is no waveform on the display
Not good for a 1700€ tool

Maybe some day

I ordered one, didnt hear anything yet, I hope its there before christmas. My wife and kids are on holiday for 6 days. I am at home on my own


There is waveform on the display when you’re in the sampling process then when you save your sample then there’s no waveform on the display it become like the AR mk1 for recall the sample in the sample player section…



For those who are now in possession, is there any visible indication on the chassis for being able to mount within a flight case. Threaded holes in the underside for instance…